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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s gift-giving season again and our product curator Rekaya Gibson has completed some of the research for you. Below is an assortment of items that will please family, friends and co-workers. Browse the list and get shopping. The year is almost over. Happy Holidays!

Specialty Gourmet Food Gifts

  • Cuisinart Electric Fondue Set

    Kick holiday parties up a notch. This fondue set is quick, easy and fun to use. Gruyère cheese melts within minutes when combined with white wine. The creamy goodness pairs well with seasoned chicken breast, warm pretzels, fresh broccoli spears and/or sliced green apples. The nonstick interior cleans up easily. Also, the pot is dishwasher safe. Hurray for Fondue Date Night at home!

    Size: 3-quart

    Retail price: $59.99

    Available: Bed Bath & Beyond and other online retailers

  • Ironwood Gourmet Cocktail Plate Set

    Entertaining this holiday season? This cocktail plate holds a wine glass and appetizers while you keep one hand free. The sturdy wood allows you to move around the room with ease. Socialize in style with a set of four.  

    Size: 9.5" x 5.5" x 3.7"

    Retail Price: $39.99


  • Hot Logic Family Size Casserole

    Transporting food to holiday potlucks just got easier. This portable oven cooks, reheats and keeps family-size casseroles hot. Place the meal in a sealed lid dish, put it in the insulated bag on the heater tray and zip it close. The thick handles make carrying simple. When you reach work or auntie’s house, plug-in the power cord. This cooking system keeps the fare at the right temperature until everyone arrives. Hot Logic is the best invention in food technology.

    Size: 9 x 13 inches

    Retail Price: $89.95


    Discount code: GIFTGUIDE10

  • B. Smith Marble Cheeseboard Set

    Tell Santa to put the set on his list. This exquisite marble board sits in a bamboo tray. The drawer underneath contains stainless-steel utensils. Add fruit, cheese, meats and/or breads for a fancy fest. Don’t worry, the surface wipes clean with a cloth. Say cheese and thank you!

    Size: 2" H x 7 5/8" W x 12 1/2" L

    Retail price: $29.99

    Available: Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Women's Bean Project White Popcorn with Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Seasoning

    Enjoy this popcorn while decorating the tree. It contains everything you need for a quick snack. Cook kernels on the stove or in the air popper. Then, sprinkle with the enclosed seasoning. The chocolatey-peppermint flavor confirms its name and an impromptu dance party will ensue. Bon appétit!

    Size: 10.6 oz.

    Retail price: $6.50


  • W & P Design Carry On Cocktail Kit, The Old Fashioned

    Traveling during the holidays? Prepare two refreshing cocktails 30,000 feet in the air with this kit. The handy tin holds a bottle of aromatic bitters, two sticks of cane sugar, a spoon/muddler, a linen coaster and a recipe card. Simply add your favorite spirits and show off your newfound mixology skills.

    Size: 3.125" x 4.25" x 1"

    Retail price: $24.00


  • Sonoma Syrup Sea Salt Caramel & Bittersweet Gift Set

    Give the foodies on your shopping list these delicious syrups. Made with the finest ingredients, they add pizzazz to hot chocolate and ice cream while others prefer it in coffee. The caramel tastes smooth and creamy. The bittersweet chocolate pours out thick and its richness lingers on the palate. Unapologetically experience it for yourself; it’s so worth it.

    Size: Boxed set of 2 syrups – 375 ml bottles

    Retail price: $26.99



  • Wine Aerator and Wine Stopper Savor

    Bring the most popular present to the “white elephant” party. This gift set comes packaged in a sleek blue box and it also includes a felt, drawstring storage bag. The aerator inserts easily into a bottle of wine. The wide-mouth spout allows the liquid to pour smooth, preventing spills. The vacuum stopper seals in the goodness – every wine lover's dream. Cheers!

    Retail Price: $22


    Discount code: CNM10

  • Drink Tops Wine

    Take the holiday party outside and bring these outdoor glass covers with you. The multi-color silicone encircles a stainless-steel screen which allows the drinks to breathe and keep the bugs out. The tops work well on wine glasses up to four inches wide. They make great stocking stuffers.

    Size: 1 oz.

    Retail price: $24.95


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