9Months Sparkling Wines

9Months red and white sparkling wines are non-alcoholic and made with grapes from southern Australia and produced from a family-owned winery. They have this process down to a science.  The grapes are first picked and then refrigerated at 32 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent fermentation and then filtered and pasteurized within the bottle to ensure the flavor doesn’t escape.

Soon to be a favorite among anyone who is looking for a non-alcoholic alternative that also captures a celebratory spirit, 9Months wines are 100 percent natural, have no added sugar and are gluten-free.

We’ll toast to all of this!

With more flavors coming soon, bottles of the sparkling red and wine go for $16.50 each or $31.50 for the set.  Be sure to order yours to arrive in time for the upcoming holidays and New Year’s celebrations by going to www.9monthslove.com

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