Buy Black Coffee Goes Worldwide: 5 Coffee Shops to Visit During Your Travels

The story earlier this year involving a Starbucks employee calling the cops on two black men waiting for a business associate, further fueled the national movement to support more black-owned businesses that are right in our backyards. To their credit, Starbucks took immediate action, calling in every black activist and personality they could find, ultimately culminating in a shutdown of stores nationwide and subsequent training. But that didn’t stop black coffee consumers across the nation from rethinking their relationship with the coffee giant.

To keep the moment going, social media was buzzing with people naming off black-owned coffee shops with the site publishing a listing with 47 of them from around the U.S.

If coffee is a part of your day, your need for a morning cup of joe most likely won’t go away when you travel out of the country.  Cuisine Noir is starting a list of international options and here are five coffee shops we discovered to keep in mind should your travels take you to one of the countries below.

Did we miss some?  We know there are more, so send us a note so we can keep this list going.

Keeffaa Coffee | Canada

This Ethiopian inspired cafe provides an international coffee and dining experience right in Toronto. Family owned, it is the perfect place to sit out on the patio and take in the sites and the smells of your latte.

Tomoca Coffee Shop | Ethiopia

This establishment is one of the first in Ethiopia according to their website. The company has established itself in Addis Ababa and offers a variety of coffees, teas, and cuisine. 

Josie’s Cuppa Cappuccino | Ghana

Franka Maria Andoh is a jack of all trade. Initially wanting to be a lawyer, she settled into media and runs her own magazine. She is a writer and an entrepreneur, according to her website. Josie’s Cuppa Cappuccino offers a variety of coffees and sandwiches.

Wasp & Sprout | Kenya

Husband and wife team Chris and Angela Neale knew when they opened Wasp & Sprout that it wouldn’t be your usual café. Angela, who is a native Kenyan, incorporated her background in carpentry to showcase a mix of African tradition and modernity with each piece of furniture to give it a homely ambiance. You can pick up a cup of coffee, a bite to eat and also shop.

Café Neo | Nigeria

By far one of the most successful stories in black-owned coffee lore. These two brothers, Chijioke and Ngozi fought to raise funds to open a coffee shop in Lagos, Nigeria. Now they own ten. They serve up a mix of hot and cold beverages and are expanding every day.

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