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In her first book, Brown Sugar Mama blogger Nicole Nared-Washington creates 50 delicious mocktails that are perfect for everyone, especially moms-to-be.

If you are looking for authentic soul food recipes, author Cassandra Harrell has you covered with more than 150 of them.

Tambra Raye Stevenson created Little WANDA, to empower little girls aroud the world to be the next generation of healthy eater and leaders.

The Up South Cookbook” by author Nicole Taylor provides a great edible balance, fusing the succulence of the South with more modern accentuations of the North.

Multicultural recipe developer, instructor and author Carla Crudup, shares 11 delicious recipes in her latest eCookbook.

In her first cookbook, Zoe Adjonyoh invites readers to explore the world of Ghanaian cuisine inspired by her heritage and love for cooking.

Songtress and cookbook author extraordinaire Patti LaBelle is back with her sixth title, "Desserts LaBelle."

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