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Desserts LaBelle

by  CN Team on May 04, 2017
Desserts LaBelle

When Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies first arrived in Wal-Mart stores in 2015, they were almost a little kept secret until YouTuber James Wright Chanel’s review caused a stir and got the country buzzing when he sang LaBelle’s praises in a video that has been viewed now more than five million times.

Now fans of the singer and six-time cookbook author can channel LaBelle’s baking skills with the release of “Desserts LaBelle.” The latest book is filled with the GRAMMY Award winner’s favorite pie, cake, cookie and pudding recipes and also treats readers to heart-felt stories about her career and life in the kitchen. 

Over the years, LaBelle has built a cult following of food and dessert enthusiasts who have turned to the singer for more than just a love song.  Her first book released in 1999, “LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About,” sold more than 300,000 copies.  Since then, other titles to follow include “Recipes for the Good Life” and “Patti LaBelle’s Lite Cuisine.” 

Sharing a peak into what you can expect, LaBelle’s Red Velvet Marble Cake with Boiled Frosting.  On “Good Morning America,” LaBelle called her it her “redemptive” cake for her sister Jackie who passed away from cancer after making a request to LaBelle to make it for her. 

Flip to Aunt Hatti Mae’s Raspberry Pie which was one of LaBelle’s father’s favorite.  Her aunt only make it at the peak of the season when the raspberries were the sweetest.  LaBelle shares that what her father really wanted was a strawberry pie but enjoyed this pie in the meantime as to not to hurt her feelings.

The dessert highlight has to be the lemon bars. A favorite guilty pleasure of her son, LaBelle finishes this classic recipe with powdered sugar on top followed by orange and lemon zest.

To start creating your own memories, be sure to order your copy which is available at Amazon.


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