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The Spice Diet By Judson Todd Allen

by  Rekaya Gibson on December 31, 2017

Photo_-_The_Spice_Diet.jpgChef Judson Todd Allen knows how to “spice up your life” with his first cookbook, “The Spice Diet: Use Powerhouse Flavor to Fight Cravings and Win the Weight-Loss Battle.” Due out on January 16, the book outlines Allen’s proven plan for weight loss and features meal plans and 25 signature spice blends such as the Sunshine Citrus Blend, Savory Soup Spice Blend and N’awlins Spiced Pecan Crust Blend. It also incorporates easy-to-follow recipes about halfway into the book that promote the use of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats dressed in seasonings.

Don’t fret, desserts still fit into the equation. Some include Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Truffles, Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies and Buttery Macadamia Nut “Ice Cream.” The ingredient lists get lengthy for some dishes; however, cooks tend to have most of the items on hand. “The Spice Diet” eases readers into the lifestyle change without sounding preachy. It educates people about spices, herbs, and food addiction. Though some information appears repetitive, it needs reiterating to highlight its importance.

Over the years, Allen, also known as The Architect of Flavor, has always shared his life’s struggles with weight that began as a youth growing up in Chicago. It wasn’t until after he graduated from college that he began changing his relationship with food that ultimately changed his life. “I was always around food. I became addicted to it. As a result, I began struggling with my weight,” says Allen.  Throughout the book, he offers useful tips to prepare for the diet and to stay the course. He also lives by example by maintaining a 160-pound weight loss for 14 years.  In addition, Allen provides menu options to remove the guess work out of what to eat. After all, who wouldn’t love lip-smacking chicken wings, a Mediterranean turkey burger or lobster mac & cheese for dinner? “I really want people to think creatively about food.  Try different herbs. Taste them and get an understanding of their flavor profiles. If you are nervous, stick to core flavors and ingredients but seek healthy alternatives,” says Allen.

Losing weight is hard and keeping it off can be an ongoing challenge. “The Spice Diet” gives individuals a reference guide to make healthy choices without sacrificing taste. It shows how spices interact with each other to create flavor and nutrients to stay motivated.  Allen also peels back layers to expose his truth while inspiring others at the same time. Mission accomplished – a recommended read for 2018. 

You can read more about Allen’s weight loss journey in last year’s Spring print issue or visit his site at

“Spice Diet” will be available on beginning Tuesday, January 16. We are giving away a copy to one lucky reader.  To enter for your chance to win, simply complete this form and your name is in the hat.* Entry period ends Sunday, January 28 and the winner will be notified by Thursday, February 1.

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