Bud Light’s Lemon-Ade-Rita: Margaritas with a Twist

We know you see Bud Light on the can and automatically are thinking beer, but we have a pleasant surprise for you.  Out just in time for summer and of course the summer celebrations and holidays is Bud Light Rita’s Lemon-Ade-Rita flavor that has been seasonally added to its permanent portfolio that already includes Lime-A-Rita, Mang-O-Rita, Raz-Ber-Rita, Straw-Ber-Rita and other seasonal flavors Apple-Rita and Cran-Brr-Rita.  Sold at grocery stores around the country, the 12-pack of 8 oz. cans retail between $10 -$12 and are nostalgic of that glass of lemonade that makes it always feel like summer.  Containing 8 alcohol per can, don’t get too carried away as drinking responsibly is still applicable.

Like all of the flavors in the Bud Light Rita portfolio, the Lemon-Ade-Rita lends its self to creativity and is perfect in a mixed cocktail, sangria, or as a homemade popsicle. Drink it over the rocks or freeze it and make a classic margarita with salt around the edge.  For more ideas, be sure to visit The Ritas on Pinterest.

Definitely worth trying before the summer is up and be sure to try the other flavors as well.

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