Caribbean Vegan - Expanded Second Edition

Barbadian native Taymer Mason always knew that the flavors of the Caribbean had more to offer.  Back with her second edition of “Caribbean Vegan,” she explores the versatility of these flavors with more than 200 recipes that transform everyday ingredients into authentic Caribbean vegan fare. “I always saw the beauty and versatility in Caribbean ingredients so I was always looking for more at a young age,” says Mason.

The food scientist become a vegan more than 10 years ago after sampling pork pies over and over again for her job. Soon after, she lost her desire to eat meat and hasn’t turn back since, even recruiting her father who maintains a strict vegan diet to this day.

In her latest book, “Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion,” Mason provides detailed background and explanations about ingredients and techniques, making the recipes less intimidating.  The book is beautifully styled with select recipe photos to show off the deliciousness of recipes that are sectioned into nine chapters: Seasonings and Sauces, Breakfast, Appetizers, Soups and Stews, Mains, Side Dishes, Teas and Sweet and Savory Delights, Desserts and Drinks and Cocktails.  Creating dishes for all three mealtimes with a snack in between is really easy given the variety of recipes to choose from.

What we love most about the book is that the recipes are appealing to everyone and you don’t have to follow a vegan diet to browse through the book and drool. Standouts for us include:

  • Cassava Pancakes with Bittersweet “Honey” Butter (page 52)
  • Creamy Pumpkin Soup (page 107)
  • Lentil Patties (page 134)
  • Rasta Pasta (page 175)
  • Frozen Mango Mojito (page 291)

We’ve already tried our hand at a few of the sauces and fell in love with the Caribbean Kale Salad.  We got this recipe on repeat quite often.

“Caribbean Vegan” is another one of those cookbooks that should be on the kitchen counter. Mason does a fantastic job of incorporating different ingredients that you can easily find to make some of the best vegan recipes we have seen. Expect a little of the familiar with the unfamiliar which is great for broadening your culinary horizons.

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