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CN Review: Mother's Day Edition of Must-Haves

by  Rekaya Gibson on May 04, 2017

Browse and select some sweet, relaxing and feel-good treats for Mother’s Day. Mom will thank you. She might also cook your favorite dish.



Creative Home Nobili-Tea Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Infuser Basket

Use this adorable tea kettle to brew mom's favorite cup of tea. Place its tiny body on the stovetop (electric or gas), add loose-leaf tea in the infuser basket and add water. Though the durable kettle doesn’t whistle, it heats quickly like a traditional teapot - a perfect gift for that special tea drinker in your life.

Size: 1 quart | 2 quart

Retail Price: $40

Available: and



Ecolution Micro-Pop Glass Popcorn Popper         

Whose mom doesn't love popcorn? This microwave popper makes cooking quick, easy, and healthy. Best of all, it will be mother approved. Use the silicone lid to measure and add kernels to the popper – no oil needed. Popcorn turns out light and fluffy. For extra goodness, place butter on the perforated lid so that it melts onto the popcorn. The popper is sold with or without a protective plastic cage and it's dishwasher safe.

Size: 1.5 quart | 3 quart

Retail Price: $20-$35

Available: and other fine retailers



Melo Lion Meadery 2016 Sunshine Daydream Mead

If mom loves to try new things, introduce her to something new. Mead tastes like sunshine in a bottle. The honey wine offers a refreshing, semi-sweet flavor that brings joy to the palate. It contains 100 percent North American clover honey, filtered water, and reisling yeast. The zork closure seals in the floral scent while making it easy to open and re-seal.

Size: 500 ml

Retail Price: $19




Gem Gem Ginger Candy

This is sure to be one of mom's new favorites. Available an assortment of flavors, Gem Gem is all-natural candy that boasts the health benefits of fresh Indonesian ginger. The Oh, Oh, Orange! packs a spicy punch with a hint of sweet citrus – my favorite. Savor the moment by enjoying its chewiness and thinking about the company’s slogan, “Jam-packed with Positivity.” Now, don’t you feel better?

Sizes: 5 ounces

Retail Price: $5-$6

Available: The Vitamin Shoppe,


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