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CN Review: Look For These Goodies on a Retail Shelf Near You

by  Rekaya Gibson on February 13, 2017

Minerva_CinnamonHoney_hiRez.jpgMinerva Dairy Amish Roll Butter Cinnamon Honey

Made with milk from pasture-raised cows, this creamy butter infused with cinnamon and a hint of honey wakes up the taste buds. It sweetens biscuits and can perk up a baked sweet potato like no other. The 84 percent butterfat makes Amish Roll Butter ideal for both cooking and baking. This slow-churned butter comes in small batches to ensure a high-quality dairy product free of antibiotics. It’s also vegetarian and gluten free. 

Size: 8 oz.

Suggested Retail Price: $6.99



Safe-Catch-1Safe Catch Wild Albacore Tuna & Elite Solid Wild Tuna Steak

Safe Catch cans raw tuna in its natural juices. The Wild Albacore Tuna delights the palate with freshness and enhances the beloved tuna sandwich that most families regularly enjoy. The Elite Solid Wild Tuna Steak offers a briny flavor which works perfectly as a quick meal or snack. Each Safe Catch can provide 35 grams of lean protein and is 100 percent mercury tested, with the lowest limit of any brand.

Size: 5 oz.

Suggested Retail Price: $3-$4

Available:, Amazon and retailers nationwide


skinnies-box.jpgRSVP Skinnies

RSVP Skinnies cocktail mixers are simple, refreshing, and healthy. These pocket-sized drink packets come in four flavors: NY Cosmo, Baja Margarita, Maui Mai Tai, and London Gimlet.

They taste like barroom beverages, but with the convenience of being made in-house or wherever your feet may land. The NY Cosmo mixed with vodka and soda makes the soul feel fancy. The Baja Margarita combined with tequila pairs well with Taco Tuesday. When the Mai Tai is combined with rum, pineapple tones linger on the tongue. The London Gimlet blended with gin exudes a lime aroma that relaxes the mind and body. Skinnies contain so much goodness, and they also have no calories, no sugar, and include all-natural, 100 percent plant-based ingredients for a guilt-free experience.

Size: 6 packets per box

Suggested Retail Price: $6

Available: and Amazon 


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