CN Review: The Latest Food & Drink Foodie Picks

CN loves discovering products from entrepreneurs nationwide. Each one brings a unique perspective to the culinary world. Browse the list and make everyone in the family happy before they head back-to-school.

Bacon’s Heir Pork Panko

Try something different. This panko consists of ground pork rinds (chicharrones) and looks, smells and tastes like the real thing. It works wonders as a breading for homemade chicken nuggets or as a binder in salmon cakes and meatloaf, adding a little extra protein to everyday meals.

Size: 1 lb.
Retail Price: $18.00

CAULIPOWER Plain Crust Pizza


Gluten-free and delicious – this thin cauliflower crust contains brown rice flour to give it a bready texture and experience. It withstands the weight of traditional toppings and it bakes in about 13 minutes. It’s a great alternative for those with food allergies who love pizza.

Size: 12 oz.
Retail Price: $7.99 (2/pack)
Available: Amazon and grocery stores nationwide

Sipp Ginger Blossom

This sparkling soda blooms on the palate. First comes the bite of ginger and then comes the vanilla notes to open its essence. The flavors complement each other without being overpowering. The organic agave provides a hint of sweetness – making consumers happy about their choice.

Size: 12 oz. | 10.5 oz. can
Retail price: $1.99 | $1.49

Available: Amazon, Whole Foods, Target, Total Wine and other retailers nationwide

Spain’s Spices Gourmet All n’ One Seasoning


Cook with pizzazz! This multi-purpose seasoning serves as a go-to condiment for daily meals. It enhances poultry and beef with a right balance of smoky-briny flavors. It contains a blend of 10 herbs/spices such as basil, cumin and dry mustard, making it convenient to keep on hand.

Size: 5.1 oz.
Retail price: $7.99
Available: Amazon

Full Belly Delights Bacon Truffles, Richness

Indulge in bite-sized comfort! This scrumptious truffle offers a salty-sweet combination that keeps the palate begging for more. The smooth milk chocolate and fresh pork bacon create a savory treat of pure bliss.

Size: 6-pack | 12-pack | 24-pack
Retail price: $18 | $32 | $55

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