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Why the Bleep Start a Blog? Ten Delicious Reasons

by  Wanda Hennig on August 31, 2010

Screenshot-Wanda-BlogYou saw Julie & Julia, didn't you? Meryl Streep in an Oscar-nominated role as Julia Child and Amy Adams portraying Julie Powell, a young woman committed to cooking 524 recipes from Child's cookbook during a single year and blogging about it. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and rent it.

That's the first good reason to start a blog. It could make you famous (Julie Powell's blog got her a book deal. Her memoir inspired Nora Ephron to write the screenplay, which became the movie.)

This month, to celebrate the first anniversary of Cuisine Noir Magazine, publisher Sheree Williams will launch a blog for readers to enjoy on September 10. Located at, the blog will be called "The Culinary Scoop" — for good reason. There will be daily event listings, celebrity interviews, regular restaurant reviews and updates and you, the reader, are invited to send photos with captions updating us on what you've enjoyed eating, and where you've had delicious culinary experiences. And that's just for starters. We're all invited to participate in culinary conversations, to share recipes, to read about movies featuring food and books about food. The blog is the perfect pairing for this great online mag.

Which brings me to my anniversary recipe for a more delicious life. Simply, if you don't have one, consider starting your own blog.

I'm taking it that if you're a fan of Cuisine Noir, food plays an important part in your life. And wine. And travel. And that when you travel, the food you eat interests you. So I am thinking you might want a blog with a food focus that can be inspired by great tastes and wonderful wines and sips of good beer and stimulating conversation, all spiced by the seasons, and that can meander into the realm of culinary travel when you go on weekends getaways or longer vacations.

So, here are nine more reasons to start a blog — some of them ideas to inspire.

  1. Check out the Foodinista blog here. This is an anonymous blog. I know the author as she is someone I worked with on a wine lifestyle magazine some years ago and she shared her link with me. As the blog suggests, she is divinely inspired by both food and fashion. See how she uses her blog to express her interests. What she cooks for her young son, for example. See a picture and the recipe for apple galette her sister cooked, restaurants she likes, other people's writing she enjoys. This is the beauty of a blog. It can be anonymous. You can share your life with your friends and family through it. And did I mention, as long as you have web access, you can do all this for free?

  2. Yes, I love to browse through my foodie magazines and page through my collection of recipe books. But how often do I get to have a dinner party, do the cooking, and share all my wonderful finds? A blog is a great way to communicate your food finds; to show your friends what you've cooked. The average cell phone these days takes great pictures. Why keep them to yourself?

  3. Blogging is about connecting and community.

  4. You don't need to write formally in a blog. It's more about having a conversation. This means anyone can write a blog.

  5. A blog gives you a personal platform. You can drive the agenda. You can decide on tone, voice and content. You can write anything that interests you. Want to write about what your dog eats? Go for it.

  6. You can use your blog as a food journal; you can share stories of your travels while you're traveling; you can bitch about the cold food in the new very expensive restaurant; you can tell people what's eating you — because it's all about what you want to say.

  7. You can really get passionate about your life.

  8. I've been tardy with my personal food-themed blog lately as I've been writing lots of other things. But I had fun cooking lamb on my new stove when my landlady bought me one, and sending her the link. And a friend relished the blog I wrote about her holiday fondue party (note the eggnog recipe).

And Number 10 — Create a free blog now!

  1. To create a free blog in Wordpress click here. On the right of the page, below the orange "sign up now" alert, you will see the words: "Nervous? Technically challenged? Go from zero to hero with our 10-step walk-through guide." Before you do anything, read through the 10 steps then when you feel totally overwhelmed, go back to the beginning and do steps 1 to 4. Your blog will evolve naturally, according to your needs, from there. Suggestion: sit down at your computer with a friend, your partner, your daughter, your mom. The brainstorming exercises are particularly rewarding when done with others. Set up separate blogs, or a joint blog where two or three of you can have the password and contribute. (Note: Blogger is a second option for creating a free blog.)

Wanda Hennig

Wanda Hennig

California–based Wanda Hennig is an award-winning food and travel writer, a blogger and a life coach. full bio



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