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Top Looks and Accessories for the 2014 BBQ Season

by  V. Sheree Williams on May 31, 2014
Top Looks and Accessories for the 2014 BBQ Season

If you live East of the Mississippi River, chances are that you have been waiting for the return of summer and the outdoor BBQ season for months.  June 21 may be the official first day of summer but we’re ready to get to the party started now.

This summer, take to the outdoors like never before with friends and family with a few of our favorite looks and gadgets to be a savvy entertainer.

What Do You Want Your Look to Say

Outdoor furniture not only gives your guest a glimpse of your personality but it also sets the mood for any entertaining occasion.  You going for that relaxed, “let’s chill” look or one that requires more maintenance on a regular basis. Some, me included, set the furniture out for the season and then turn the focus to the food.   Others are adding and changing out accessories and creating new looks from the base to fit a variety of occasions hosted through the season.  It is all a personal choice.

To create whatever look you’re going for, here are a few trends that may help guide you:

1.  Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular now, especially among those living in places like California that can enjoy an imitation of summer all year long.  Therefore, these outdoor looks tend to be more casual and folding into one’s everyday life giving it a lifestyle look vs. season.

2.  Lighting is becoming very popular to those who entertain outdoors.  With plenty of trees to hand on and the variety available, you can switch up your look to suit that for a graduation and Father’s Day to one that is more formal such as an engagement party.   Working with lights can do wonders.

3.  The style of furniture is running the gamut.  While some love the more causal wicker look with the bright color pillows, some are embracing  luxury cast aluminum and all weather wicker.    In our opinion, all you can dress up and dress down to suit your entertaining needs.   We love the all weather wicker which you see a lot at hotel properties and adds a touch of class.  But in the end, what type of furniture you select will most likely depend on where you live, your budget and entertaining needs.

4.  Lastly, fire pits are all the buzz now days.  Even hot days fall to cool nights, so this added feature not only makes our outdoor space look great, it is truly functional for late evening conversations and s’mores making.  Guests and kids just love it.

Gagdet Must Haves

There is always something coming out that caters to the outdoor entertaining enthusiasts.  Not that you need a reason to pick up cool accessories, but it is always fun to stay tuned up on what is out here that may enhance our next entertaining  engagements, especially with Father’s Day and the Fourth of July just around the corner.

1.  The BBQ Dragon – If you have to always work a little hard to start your charcoal fire, the BBQ Dragon will be your next best friend.  It safely helps to start and restart your fire, helping you cook those delicious grill items in minutes.  Retails for $49.99.

2.  Dual Temp Meat and Grill Thermometer with Timer – Cooking meats like full chicken, slabs of ribs and roasts on the grill require a few extra steps to ensure it is cooked all the way through.  This thermometer puts the ease into cooking by measuring the food and grill temperatures at the same time and letting you know when the meat is cooked just right. Retails for $39.99.

3. Grilling baskets are so much fun and you can find one for sliders and vegetables, even jalapeno poppers.   Each makes it easy to cook the food at once and eliminates a lot of unnecessary clean-up.  You can pick these up at TJ Maxx or Home Goods as well as just Google them online.

4.  After all is said and done, the food always takes front and center.  Professional and amateurs competitions are soon to kick off in full force.   Everyone is going to start bringing out the rubs and secret sauces to create that “slap your momma” BBQ experience.  While hundreds of brands boast about their rubs and sauces, who not make your own and bottle it for the season.  This fun page from www. had a variety of rub recipes for you to make this the most delicious BBQ accessory this year.

5.  Final just like everyone good handyman has his tools, so does every griller.  If you are serious, it is a “good hard or go home” mentality when it comes to grilling.  Invest in a good grill utensil sent that can be used for years and year.  From All-Clad to Williams-Sonoma even you favorite sports team, you should be able to find one you like that will have all of the right tools to get the job done.

Have fun designing your entertaining look this summer and exploring some new gadgets.  Most importantly be safe and eat well!



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