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Vision Parties: Making Plans for the Life You Want to Live

by  William P. Miller on December 29, 2013
Vision Parties:  Making Plans for the Life You Want to Live

By William P. Miller and V. Sheree Williams

More and more people are talking about creating a vision board to put their goals and dreams in front of them as they work to make them a reality.  I was listening to someone say that people are more effective in a group and so with that being said, I thought it would be great to have a party with your close friends and people you can partner up with to help you execute whatever visions you have and support you throughout the entire year. The group can be six to eight people or whatever number you are comfortable with.

Ready, Set, Plan 

Having a vision party can be a lot of fun and just what many need to accomplish some of those goals that have taken a backseat year after year. Although a vision party is a gathering, it should not be stressful or much work on the part of the hostess.

If you are thinking of hosting one, here are a few tips to get you going:

1.  Set the date and location of the party. I can be at your house, apartment or a community center.  The most important thing is that there is plenty of room to be creative. The party should be between three and four hours max.

2.  Carefully select who you want invite keeping in mind that you will be in touch with them throughout the year and also the following year if you decide to host another party to revisit each others’ boards and what has been accomplished.  They should be trusted friends, but more importantly friends of people who motivate and that you can motivate as well.  You want people who are not afraid to hold you accountable for your vision and goals.

3.  Gather and have supplies available for everyone to create their boards with. This will include blackboards, poster boards, old magazines, markers, different fabrics, etc.  You can also tell those coming to bring some supplies they wish to use and also share.

Making the Vision Plain

On the day of your vision party, the main focus should be on each others’ visions and goals.  When it comes to entertaining, keep this in mind:

Food - Should be light. Don’t plan to serve a full meal. This will become a distraction.  You don’t want everyone gathered around the kitchen, you want them gathered around their boards, planning and writing things down visually.  I would suggest having vegetable and cheese trays along with some fruit. Salads are also light enough to serve and very easy to make.

Drinks - Stick to water and juices and away from alcohol.  You can create a refreshing non-alcoholic drink to serve to your guests to keep the mood light.  As a group if you decide to come together again throughout the year for a progress check-in, Champagne may be an exception to celebrate accomplishments thus far.

Music – Everyone likes a little noise in the background and so I would suggest instrumental music.  Play songs that no one knows and therefore can't sing along too.  You want to maintain focus.

Décor – The beauty of a vision party is that not a lot of work needs to go into decorations and all that extra stuff we buy when entertaining. Outside of cute plates and napkins with words of inspiration on them, you are pretty much set. If you are doing a celebratory toast, Champagne flutes will be needed, but other than that, keep the décor easy and budget-friendly.

Rules – To make sure the party is successful, the group should develop a set of rules that everyone should go by.  This will include:

  1. Being honest and open throughout the party and vision board creation process.
  2. Not being judgmental of others' visions or goals. This includes during the check-in process as well and if they have not accomplished a goal(s) on their board.
  3. How often the group should check-in and how (in person, over the phone, etc.).

Lastly, each member in the group should agree to having at least three types of goals: Easy, moderate and hard.  The easy goal can be something like calling a relative more often.  For a moderate goal, you can plan to take a trip out of the country during the year and for your hard goal, this could include writing book or starting new business.

The start of a new year is always a great time for new beginnings.  As many of us discuss our visions and goals for our lives with friends individually, a vision party is a great way to bring like-minded individuals together for a greater good.

Remember, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail so let this be the inspiration for creating a powerful vision for your life in 2014 and beyond.



William P. Miller

William P. Miller

W.P. Miller’s sense of style, fashion and etiquette has placed him among the higher echelon of special event producers and wedding planners worldwide.

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