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Worldly Foods with a Creole Touch Pump Out of The Munch Factory

by  Shantel Hanley on May 31, 2014
Worldly Foods with a Creole Touch Pump Out of The Munch Factory

Hidden in a neighborhood is a small beloved eatery whose owners are humbled by their New Orleans roots. Chef Jordan Ruiz transforms popular and savory French and other worldly cuisines by giving them a Creole touch at The Munch Factory.

Jordan and and his wife Alexis started the establishment in April 2011 by renting a commissary kitchen and delivering meals around town. As their clientele grew so did their location. "We said let's see what we could do with a very small sit-down restaurant. We went with a restaurant with 38 seats and things went well," says Alexis. They outgrew the second location and moved again to their current space that can seat up to 80 people, includes a bar and a parking lot. "We took it all little by little, but it all came from Jordan's talent and him knowing that this was something that we can do for ourselves. We didn't have to help make someone else's dream come true, but made ours come true."

Jordan is the culinary expert who whips up dishes such as Pork Rillettes and Gumbo. He studied at The Culinary Institute of American in New York.  During his tenor, Hurricane Katrina crippled New Orleans and that disaster influenced Alexis, who was attending Florida International University, to return home.  "It's interesting because a lot of people left because of Katrina, but it's interesting that both of us ironically returned back there because of Katrina," says Alexis.  "My family was committed to staying and rebuilding in New Orleans. I was living in Miami at the time and Jordan was up in school in New York. It seemed like we could do so much more for the city and our family if we were in New Orleans."

Jordan and Alexis use their talents in the culinary arts and business to grow a buzzing spot that locals and tourists alike don't mind traveling off of the beaten path for gourmet foods in a cozy spot. 

"The best way to describe our food is contemporary New Orleans Cuisine. We may have food from all over the world, like Peru, Miami but it always has a New Orleans touch and everything is homemade and done from scratch."

The Munch Factory is located at 6325 Elysian Fields Ave., New Orleans, LA 70122.  For complete menus, visit

If you are going to "The Big Easy" for this year's ESSENCE Festival next month, be sure to stop by.

Photo credit: Cheryl Gerber Photography

Shantel Hanley

Shantel Hanley

Hanley studied print journalism and Spanish at Hampton University. full bio


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