Enzymedica: Enzymes for Digestive Health

As foodies, we all do it. Indulge a little too much when it comes to a favorite dish, being out to dinner for a special occasion or just because we love food. The problem is, sometimes our stomachs are not that appreciative and therefore digestion can be a little or very uncomfortable. We’ve all been there at one time or another, especially around the holidays.

Last fall I had an opportunity to attend a special dinner hosted by Enzymedica, a company based in Florida that is the expert when it comes to enzyme nutrition. Those of us attending actually prepared the dinner together before enjoying and while doing so got to learn more about the product line and why it is a good as it is.

Confused about the difference between enzymes and probiotics, this question was a great place to start the conversation. The TV is populated with commercials about probiotics so naturally, that is the first choice when it comes to digestive health, but not really. Enzymes are called “the energy of life” and break down food to extract vital nutrients that to be converted into energy. Probiotics, on the other hand, are live bacteria and yeasts that help to keep your digestive tract healthy. My understanding is that with enzymes helping to break down your food properly, your digestive health is on the right track but a probiotic definitely won’t hurt if added and the two can actually work together.

Enymedica makes a variety of supplement products, all aimed at providing optimal digestive health that include:

Enzyme Nutrition Multi-Vitamin which consists of 100 whole food nutrition and the essential vitamins you need such as vitamins A, B, C, D and E. It also contains a probiotic.

Digest Gold breaks down carbs, protein, fats, and fiber and also eases occasional gas and bloating.

Gluten Ease is perfect for digesting foods with gluten in it even if you do not suffer from celiac disease.

Acid Soothe helps get rid of discomfort caused by heartburn or acid reflux.

Diary Assist is enhanced lactose intolerance support and will help you not feel the pain after enjoying that waffle cone with two scoops of ice cream.

Other offerings include Bye Bye PMS and Enzyme Defense. All supplements are 100 vegetarian with vegan and kosher ingredients being used whenever possible.

Going home with the Multi-Vitamin ($29.99, 60-count) and Digest Gold ($29.99, 45-count) in hand, I gave myself time to take the supplements and really tune in to any changes with my body around digestion and energy before writing this review. I can honestly say that by being conscious of what I am eating (when I want to) plus consistently taking the Multi-Vitamin twice a day, I have more energy than before and mentally I am more alert. With the Digest Gold, when I remember to take it before a meal that I know may cause some discomfort, the guilt and after effects have been reduced at least which is all that I can ask for knowing I am eating something I am should not.

With so many choices on the shelves today when it comes to supplements, the only thing one can do is research, ask for recommendations and then something give it a try.  Enzymedica’s products are worth that try and can be found online at Amazon.com as well as at retailers such as Whole Foods and other natural health stores.

For more information, visit www.enzymedica.com.

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