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Celebrating Four Years of Etiquette with Cuisine Noir

by  Tina Hayes on August 30, 2013
Celebrating Four Years of Etiquette with Cuisine Noir

This month marks the fourth year that the Cuisine Noir magazine has allowed The School of Etiquette and Decorum to cover topics that help our readers improve their etiquette skills in every scenario. We have covered all types of situations from the proper way to send back a meal, etiquette when you have a cold or flu, good family behavior, camping principles and even the right way to treat Mother Nature. Our readers are the major reason why we continue to share our etiquette knowledge with the world.

Over the years, numerous readers have complimented us on the great tips that we share. One reader in particular commented on how informative our articles are and that he has learned a lot from them. As a result of our articles, thousands of people, young and old, have gained knowledge on how to be more confident and courteous in dining, social and business situations. Sometimes we share tips that most consider common knowledge, or clarification of something that they have heard in the past. Most often our tips serve as first-hand information on a topic.

Our readers follow us closely and are eager to see what we will cover month to month. Not only do our articles help our audiences increase their familiarity with various subjects but they look forward to what they can learn next. Readers find our information “great and helpful,” sometimes sharing our articles via Twitter or Facebook so more people can gain access to etiquette wisdom.

Some articles spark our readers to share tips of their own; this was the case with our pet etiquette article. “Great article Tina. [Regarding] taking your dog with you, I'd like to add that people should not assume a pet is welcome in a non-pet home when they are coming to visit… I just don't understand why someone would expect to bring their dog to someone else's house without asking,” one of our readers stated.  Another reader shared the success of the use of our graduation etiquette tips: “Great article! I'm glad that we followed the invitation/announcement tip, because with ticket limitations it can become very confusing. We were also able to follow the graduation party tip really nicely with a theme to support his college major. It was totally fun and absolutely memorable!”

October is approaching which means fall celebrations will begin. Be sure to look back at our 2012 Halloween Etiquette article which outlines the do’s and don’ts of trick-or-treating and passing out candy.  Everyone loves Thanksgiving for the good dishes but we cannot forget our Thanksgiving etiquette. Brush up on your table manners and more with last year’s Thanksgiving Dinner etiquette article. After Thanksgiving comes Christmas which many will engage in some type of Christmas shopping. Be a smart and courteous shopper prepared for the hectic holiday season with a review of my Christmas Shopping etiquette article.  As stated by a reader, “So glad I read this [article] before venturing out to complete my shopping. The mall at Christmas time is not my favorite place…. this is perfect advice. Thank you once again for making the holiday an enjoyable experience.”

The School of Etiquette and Decorum would not be able to continue to produce articles if it were not for the strong support and appreciation we have had from our readers; to you we say “Thank You.” We would also like to again thank Cuisine Noir magazine for allowing us to continue to bring your monthly etiquette insight. We wish them much continued success as a primary resource for culinary, food and wine enthusiasts! You can join us in celebrating the fourth anniversary of the publication by forwarding your congratulatory wishes.  Let them hear from you by submitting your well wishes through the comment section below.

Photo credit: James Knox

Tina Hayes

Tina Hayes

Tina Hayes is the founder and owner of The School of Etiquette and Decorum in Northern California (Antioch). full bio



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