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Event Calendar

We love exploring the world of food and wine and hope you do too.  Be sure to mark your calendars and purchase your tickets to attend the events taking place this month and in the future.

If you have an event that you would like us to post, click here to complete the calendar listing form.  We will list events taking place within the next 60 days.


Featured event: New Orleans Wine & Food Experience, May 25.


May 2017

  • May 5 – 6
    Galveston Island Food + Wine Festival
    Galveston, TX
  • May 5 – 7
    BBQ and Beer Festival
    Santa Clarita, CA
  • May 6
    California Honey Festival
    Woodland, CA
  • May 6
    Baltimore Wine & Food Festival
    Baltimore, MD
  • May 6
    Harrisburg Wine Festival
    Harrisburg, PA
  • May 11
    Lincoln Park Uncorked 2017: An Armitage-Halsted Wine Stroll
    Lincoln Park, CA
  • May 11
    Boyton Beach Food, Wine & Brew Festival
    Boyton Beach, FL
  • May 11 – 14
    Food Book Fair
    New York, NY
  • May 12 – 13
    International BBQ Festival
    Owensboro, KY
  • May 12 – 21
    Long Island Craft Beer Week
    Long Island, NY
  • May 13
    15th Annual San Fernando Valley Food & Wine Festival
    Sylmar, CA
  • May 13
    Beer and Bacon Classic
    Denver, CO
  • May 13
    Uncorked! San Francisco Wine Festival
  • May 17 – 21
    Nantucket Wine & Food
    Nantucket, MA
  • May 18 – 21
    Culinaria Festival
    San Antonio, TX
  • May 18 – 25
    Chicago Craft Beer Week
    Chicago, IL
  • May 19- 21
    Annual Lodi Zinfest
    Lodi, CA
  • May 20
    Nashville Wine & Food Festival
    Nashville, TN
  • May 20 - 21
    NYC Vegetarian Food Festival
    New York, NY
  • May 25
    New Orleans Wine and Food Experience
    New Orleans, LA
  • May 31
    Brooklyn Uncorked
    Brooklyn, NY
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