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fall-winter 2013 callout Issue 3


Jeff Friday, Film Life CEO and American Black Film Festival founder, celebrates 13 years of marriage this month and a takeover of NYC for this year's festival in June.

Inspired by the movie "Hotel Rwanda" and her experience on Rwandan coffee farms, Grace Hightower De Niro founded her company based on the resilient spirit of the country.

Music lovers know LaToya London as having one of the best voices on “American Idol” and after graduating from culinary school in 2013, she is definitely considered a triple threat (sing, act and cook).

Since being diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in 2011, celebrity chef Charles Mattocks has made it his mission to help others live healthier lives and beat the disease.

Catering to a house of vegetarians and poultry eaters, Daphne Wayans often takes a non-traditional approach to preparing holidays meals.

Multi-talented Hill Harper dishes on eating with the locals, traveling the world and inspiring those looking to live a better life.

Warren Brown’s new business model favors a stronger presence in the dessert and snack industry, a plan designed to give him more time to teach, bake and enjoy the life his passion has built.

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