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Jeanine Lewis

Jeanine Lewis

Jeanine Lewis is a renaissance freelance writer. As an alumna of University of Washington, she has been published in a variety of subject matters.

She worked as a summer staff writer at the Tri-City Herald in Washington State. In academia, Jeanine presented an Art History paper at the 2003 Neoplatonic Aesthetics Conference in Florence, Italy. She has poetry works in the National Library of Poetry and in a collections book, published in 2008, entitled Our Black Fathers: Brave, Bold, and Beautiful! While studying abroad in Italy, she became a wine and food enthusiast. Jeanine currently enjoys merging her love of writing with an appreciation for fine wine and cuisine.

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Articles by Jeanine Lewis

With a passion for cooking and the holiday season in full gear, guess what this Hollywood actress has on the menu.

By using a little bit of psychology and keen observation skills, chef Dweh is able to give clients exactly what they want.

Former NFL champion Keyshawn Johnson scores a touchdown with his new wine label, XIX, currently offering a premium cabernet sauvignon made for a king or god.

The region of Piedmont in Italy is not only home to the moscato grape but also boosts the beauty, culture and high remarks for its food and wine like its famous sibling, Tuscany.

Ty Armstrong created TNA CandyBeers to convert non-beer drinkers into brew lovers.

Winner Kelli Powers explains why the title, “Worst Cook in America,” is a badge of honor.

Reds On The River breaks way from the small-town traditional décor and transports its patrons to a modern-day Italian wine bistro.

Denver may surprise many as a foodie city but Linger takes guests on an international culinary journey with just one menu.

Pasadena's culinary community can compete with the Los Angeles elite restaurants. There is a variety of cuisines for everyone and every desired price point.

During the first season of Bravo's "Chef Roblé & Co," viewers tuned in weekly to see the young chef and his crew take on some of New York's toughest clients and wowing them in the end with his creative and risky style.

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