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Craving the Good Side with Chef Nikki Shaw

by  V. Sheree Williams on May 31, 2014
Craving the Good Side with Chef Nikki Shaw

If you are a parent, most likely the words “I want French fries,” have come out of the mouth of your child.  We all know that McDonald’s has the best fries and Wendy’s reinvented theirs to include sea salt in order to compete but neither brands’ golden brown sticks will fit into a diet or healthy lifestyle like CravOn! Never Fried French Fries.

For years, celebrity chef Nikki Shaw has been spreading messages of health and well-being especially among today’s youth.  Earlier this year, her work caught the attention of the company CraveOn! Foods that has a healthier solution to one of American’s favorite foods.  CravOn! Never Fried French Fries are made with five ingredients and have 50% less fat because they are blanched, frozen and popped in the oven before enjoying.

Shaw has signed on to promote the products which come in four cuts after tasting them with her family. “I love the fact that they have a real potato taste and never fried and jammed packed with essential nutrients for a active lifestyle like potassium, fiber, vitamin C and magnesium,” says the Oakland native who now lives in Denver.

Through the partnership, Shaw gets to have fun creating recipes that put a different spin on how we all typically like to enjoy French fries.  Ripple Cut, Diamond Cut, Steak Cut and Diced all lend to creating recipes with different flavors and ingredients. Each batch takes between 20 – 25 minutes to prepare.

“For the recipes, I created a sensational series, as I like to call it, and there are two Dynamic Dips, Ketchup with Kick and the other is Crowd-Pleaser Pesto dip.   With these two particular dips, I like to use the CravOn! Ripple Cut so the dips have something to hold on to.” 

Other recipes in this delicious series are known as the Tantalizing Toppings and Bountiful Breakfast and include the Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken and Mouthwatering Meatball Marinara made with the Steak Cut fries and Sausage and Potato Breakfast Burrito and Egg-Ceptional Cheesy Chicken and Potato Omelet made with the Anytime Diced.

To show how delicious and easy it is to create recipes with the products, Shaw and CravOn! hosted hands-on cooking events with media moms and their children in Northern and Southern California with instant success. 

A partnership made in heaven, Shaw says her decision to join the CravOn! team was a family affair with her children taking part in sampling and reviewing the products from beginning to end before Shaw signed up. 

“I was excited because I am always trying to make healthy choices for me and my family.  My kids and my husband love French fries.  My husband is a big fisherman and whenever he gets any free time from his job, he always has a fish fry and always fries French fries.  Now I am more comfortable with this healthier option for French fries because of course they are never fried and it’s a win-win for me.”

To locate CravOn! Never Fried French Fries, go to the website at  You can also click here enjoy Shaw’s recipes and let her know what you think.

For more information about chef Nikki Shaw, visit her website at

Photo credit: V. Sheree Publishing


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