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Health and Healing Manifested

by  V. Sheree Williams on July 30, 2010

healthyEven as an adult, I still come across individuals who I want to be like when I grow up (inspirational speaking). Being a health advocate all of my life, our Healthy Living section is one of my favorites. And that is why I was so excited to meet and interview Dr. Teresita Dean, owner of The Wellness Center in Alameda, Calif.

I met Dr. Dean in June at an event in San Francisco called Women of Vision. A dentist by trade, she was a guest speaker who presented on the topic of health and well-being, not just in the mouth but the entire body. Her practice takes a holistic approach to working with patients with the goal of stimulating healing in a natural environment.

This has always been the vision of Dr. Dean's career since she was 11-years-old. "I always had a passion for dentistry. It is just because I love helping people. I find that the mouth is very powerful and I always had such an intense interest in the mouth." Growing up in Nassau, Bahamas, her parents made it a point to keep Dr. Dean and her four siblings focused. Her father even arranged for her to work one summer with a dentist for free to see just how passionate she was and that was just the beginning.

She decided to attend both undergraduate and dental school in Wisconsin. Being the first in her family to attend school in America, she eventually moved to San Francisco 1989 and started her own practice in 1991. With a decision to make California her permanent home, she starting working on her long-term goals and one that manifested is The Wellness Center.

If you are a patient walking through the door for the first time, any fear you may have of the unknown will go away or be forgotten at that moment. You'll be welcomed by sweet smells and sights of a flower utopia. Inviting colors offer the look and feel of a spa rather than a dental office. You won't make it pass Isaiah, Dr. Dean's Yorkie, who greets all of the visitors at the sound of the charms. A quick walk-through both upstairs and down and it is hard to imagine that the center was actually once the home of the Red Cross of Alameda and has been classified as an historic landmark building. Dr. Dean's love of her country is evident from the décor. If you can't get away to the Bahamas, stop by The Wellness Center for that warm island feeling especially on Wednesdays nights from 6:30 – 7:30 pm for a free yoga class open to the community in their beautiful space above both main floors.

Her passion for what she does and helping others is also fueled by her life as a Christian. "My key to happiness is being able to mediate, to read and my prayers." Furthermore, her love for life is taking on a bigger role in the lives of little ones. Another goal manifested is her nonprofit organization, Kids on the Move America (KOMA), which meets at the center mainly on Saturdays. During this time, Dr. Dean works with 20-30 kids to help to realize their dreams and develop goals for a prosperous and successful future. Her advice to them is "start thinking long-term to understand what it is inside of them that they've dreamed about that they want to manifest." Their assignment from January to June was to write their goals down and the second part of the year will be dedicated to putting actions in place to move toward reaching them. In addition, the kids are exposed to a variety of professionals as well as the importance of eating and cooking healthy at a young age.

The Wellness Center is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and every 2nd Saturday at 2017 Central Avenue. Other services offered at the center include treatment of snoring and sleeping disorders, detoxification, massage and Laser Therapy. She keeps two nurses as well as a physical therapist on staff. "My task is to just enhance the body to heal so what I thought of and what I try to manifest in The Wellness Center is different modalities to stimulate healing. So what I've done is put in staff to facilitate healing."

Her practice may focus on healing the body but the end result is also a renewal of the mind. Dr. Dean's excitement for what she does, for helping others and for life is very contagious. Not only to her staff and patients but anyone who loves to dream and dream big.

For more information about Dr. Terecita Dean and The Wellness Center, visit or call 510-522-0878.


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