Holiday Fitness with Jeanette Jenkins

Although the holidays are less than a month away, that doesn’t give you a license to behave badly when it comes to eating right and staying active. In fact, when both are part of an overall lifestyle, the holiday season will be a piece of cake, figuratively speaking of course.

But just in case you need a little reminder about how to make it through without putting on that extra 5-10 pounds, I caught up with celebrity fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins to share some of the tips that she gives to clients and other magazines and TV shows that have featured her all over the country.

As the founder and president of her company, The Hollywood Trainer, Jenkins is a highly sought after fitness and nutrition expert. Born in Canada, she embraced fitness at a young age and today uses it as a motivational vehicle to help men and women live their best life. As The Hollywood Trainer, Jenkins’ clientele list includes Queen Latifah, Terrell Owens, Kimora Lee Simons, Serena Williams, Kendra Wilkerson and Tia Mowry, to name a few. She has appeared in numerous publications and on countless TV appearances. Add that to the 14 DVDs and her book, “The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan: 21 Days to Make Healthy Living a Lifetime Habit,” and I think we can go into the holidays well equipped and feeling good that losing “those holiday pounds” will not be on our New Year’s resolution list.

Her tips are very simple and easy to follow. Most importantly, they will allow you to still enjoy the food you eat by making healthier choices. Want to know what they are? Here we go:

  1. Replace table salt with Himalayan salt. It is the highest grade of natural salt and has a variety of health benefits, with one being that it helps decrease cellulite.
  2. Enjoy real organic butter in small portions
  3. Choose organic or farm-grown foods, fruits and vegetables
  4. Add flavor from herbs and spices versus sugar. Some favorites are rosemary and thyme.
  5. Find the joy in every moment. Accept and enjoy.
  6. Find the time to workout. If it is important to you, you have to plan for it.

The last tip that she shared is that a lot of the seasonal foods we eat around the winter holidays are healthy. Acorn squash, cranberries, and sweet potatoes are all great choices and it is added unnecessary ingredients that can take them from healthy to harmful.

I think we can all agree that these tips are doable and perhaps we have heard many of them before. But the key is to truly understand how to practice each one, not just over the next two months but as a lifestyle. It is all about adopting a healthy attitude that will allow you to enjoy this time of the year, eat right and not miss a beat going into the new year.

For more about Jenkins, visit her Web site at Visitors can review and purchase all of her DVDS as well as order her book. In addition, you can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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