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(Cuisine Noir/Go Eat Give Trip to Cuba 2015)


Follow the Lifestyles of Foodies Around the World 

Cuisine Noir has always been a magazine that encourages and celebrates diversity around the world.  Over the years, we have met so many inspiring readers who are doing what they love to do every day by creating the life they want to live.

Join us as we share our love for food, wine and travel and all that is in between by using the hashtag #IAmCuisineNoir to post photos and share stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and for a chance to be featured online.   

Follow our readers below for their food, wine and travel adventures around the world.


Ebony-FlakeEbony, Virginia

For the African Diaspora, food provides more than just nourishment. Historically it has been a means of demonstrating love and providing comfort. As the first food, wine, and travel magazine geared toward African Americans, Cuisine Noir honors this rich legacy. This is why #IAmCuisineNoir



Justice-StewartJustice, New York

I am a self-taught chef and my passion for food and cooking runs deep. I have traveled all over America just to learn different techniques and food trends. I love to meet other chefs and foodies that share this same passion. I also love giving back to my community whenever I can such as speaking with children who are growing up in a high-risk neighborhood like I did. #IAmCuisineNoir because I love food and people.



Rekaya-GibsonRekaya, Virginia

Food and wine consume my thoughts daily. I cook, create, and share food via my blog or at the dinner table.  I make up stories about food and publish them in books. I celebrate food holidays, explore vineyards and dine with a purpose - eating great meals. #IAmCuisineNoir 



Wanda-HennigWanda Hennig, Durban (South Africa)

#IAmCuisineNoir because in my personal life, professional life, and even in my memoir (Cravings), the pleasures of the palate — sensual eating and sipping on wine that makes my taste buds dance — sustain me. I love to eat fresh, seasonal, beautifully presented dishes, to explore farmers’ markets, to play and experiment with food and to eat and drink with good friends. I’m lucky that as a culinary travel writer, I get to learn about cultures and their traditions through what and how they eat.



Panderina-SoumasPanderina Soumas, Louisana

#IAmCuisineNoir because of the unique state of Louisiana just screams culture, cuisine, food, diversity and more.  A food melting pot: gumbo, red beans~n~rice, jambalaya, hot water cornbread, field peas, catfish and crawfish. I could fill your plate up chyle!  Just makes you hungry don't it?  From north Louisiana to the bottom of the boot; we got it all. Soumas Heritage Creole Creations says it best. It’s all in the history!



Andre-Mack-2Andre Mack, New York

I breathe grapes. #IAmCuisineNoir like all of the black winemakers who came before me, the unnamed men and women who cultivated the first vineyards, winery owners in places such as Napa, Oregon, Virginia, Georgia and New York and the next generation of winemakers to come.  #IAmCuisineNoir also because life should be enjoyed and I enjoy nothing more than providing something really good like wine.  




Tammy Freeman, D.C.

“Traveling enables me to connect to beautiful places and wonderful people. Through food and wine, I experience the heart and soul of cities across the world.  Nothing beats drinking a freshly made Bellini while overlooking the Bay of Naples with views of Mount Vesuvius in the distance. #IAmCuisineNoir because I love exploring the world in an authentic and organic way and experiencing all that various cultures have to offer.”


Dr-VibeDr. Vibe, Toronto

“#IAmCuisineNoir because I love food whether I am cooking at home or eating out and traveling.  #IAmCuisineNoir also because I love hearing and sharing stories about successful African Americans in food, wine and travel.”



Zella-PalmerZella Palmer, New Orleans

#IAmCuisineNoir because I love the diversity of cuisine noir worldwide. A Mardi Gras in your mouth whenever we put our passion and soul in the pot from New Orleans to Lagos. I also love educating young people about our food diversity and culinary history.”



Shawn-Walker-SmithShawn Walker-Smith, Oakland

#IAmCuisineNoir because having a business that is part of a vibrant local food community, I get to share the diverse bounty of this region with clients through my craft and my love of all things baked.”

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