Just Mayo - Deliciousness Without Eggs

Mayonnaise is one of our favorite condiments. We love it on sandwiches, for salads, in dips and more. Traditionally made with eggs, Just Mayo is a brand that prides itself on being a healthier version that is vegan and gluten-free with less cholesterol.  Made with the Canadian Yellow Pea plant replaces eggs, you’re going to love the smooth, creamy texture that is then infused with flavors such as garlic, chipotle and sriracha. There is also Just Mayo Original.

Now the name may have to you thinking that it is indeed mayonnaise when in fact it is not due to the absence of eggs, if you go by that definition used by the FDA. Made by Hampton Creek which is located in California’s Silicon Valley, it took the company two years to create the Just Mayo products that first launched in September 2013.

Delicious and created for culinary versatility, there are so many great recipes that you can make with all four flavors. We have created two of our favorites, Sriracha Red Pepper Aioli with Bacon and Chipotle Pasta Salad with Bacon in our Simple Gourmet column. The flavors mixed with the smokiness of the bacon will take your taste bud thermometer off the charts. Next up is a recipe for roasted chicken salad.

What is also great about the product is that it is available at a variety of stores from Walmart and Target to Whole Food and retails under $4.00.

One of our favorite must-haves for 2016 and we’re sure it will become one of yours too. Be sure to try Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough that you can eat raw and love it!

For more information and where to pick up Just Mayo at a store near you, visit www.hamptoncreek.com.

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