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Health advocate and TV host, Candace Burney is out to do one thing with her new show on the AIB Network; get both men and women to look at health differently and in a way that empowers them in every area of their life. Debuting last month, the lifestyle show features Burney around the city of Atlanta as well throughout the state exposing viewers to adventures that are right in their own backyards. When you are not watching Burney meet new friends in the community, you’ll be able to join in on her mini workout as well as try a delicious new recipe.

“We are kind of in a life today that pulls us in a million different directions,” says the fitness trainer who was born with scoliosis (she has 45 degree curve in her spine) which hasn’t stopped her one bit from being active. But, she says, it is all about creating balance between the job and family obligations while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Born in Georgia, Burney’s entry into the world of healthy living began while working in pharmacies during college. Seeing that the patients refilling their prescriptions weren’t getting any better, she felt there had to be a better way to help individuals become healthier.  Her mantra is “real food heals and movement keeps the body alive,” and with this she has been training clients since 2002.

Her new show, “Living Simply with Candace,” is an extension of how she works with her clientele, helping them discover who they are from the inside out so they can present their best in every situation; physically, mentally, personally and professionally. “Take care of your body or it will let you know” and “Don’t look at things as a sacrifice” are two messages that more than two million viewers will hear each week when they tune in. With the goal of creating a one-stop show for healthy living, viewers will also see Burney in the kitchen creating and sharing simple recipes that don’t take long to make and are delicious. You’ll also catch her at local farmers’ markets talking about fresh organic foods and other yummy products suitable for creating healthy meals.

“You are going to have to become extremely comfortable in your kitchen if you are going to get a real handle on your health, otherwise you will be at the mercy of restaurants and takeouts and everything else,” says Burney who admits to loving food and sugar. “I show you how to keep things in the house so you can come home and feed yourself and your family very well and still treat yourself.  It is a matter of putting it all into perspective.” In addition to the show acting as a culinary guide, her program Through the Belly includes weekly shopping lists and meal prep and assistance creating a healthy kitchen.

“Healthy doesn’t mean you have to look like a muscle-bound woman,” says Burney reshaping the way we think about health and wellness. “You have to take care of yourself or you won’t have anything to give to anyone else.”

Tune in to “Living Simply with Candace” each Tuesday at 11:30 am EST on the AIB Network. You can also catch episodes on Burney’s YouTube channel of the same name, Living Simply with Candace.

For information about training with Burney and other helpful tips and resource for healthy living, visit You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram.

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