How Yummy Spoonsfuls is Making Each Stage Count

It is no secret that what children eat from the time they are babies plays a major role in what they eat as adults.  Likes and dislikes for certain foods are developed over time and given the issues with childhood obesity, parents should be very conscience about the foods they select to nurture the bodies of their growing children.

For Agatha Achindu, owner of Yummy Spoonfuls ™, eating fresh food bought from the market daily and grown in her family’s garden was simply a way of life.  Born and raised in Africa, Achindu says her mother was a foodie and raised her on nothing but what she calls “real” food. No cans or processed foods.  “Until I was 21 years old, I never had commercial bread.  I didn’t even know you could find beans in a can.”

Achindu moved from Africa to Europe and then to Canada before settling in the United States where she attended Maryland University and later built a career in the technology industry.  But even as she climbed the corporate ladder, her love for food that began at nine-years-old never left.  She says she was always considered the “go to person” for recipes that were healthy and delicious. Even before becoming a mother herself, she would consult with friends about healthy alternatives for baby food.  Her passion for eating fresh, local and organic food eventually led to teaching others how to make their own, especially baby food.

However, it was not until she gave birth to her son, Jared-Zhane in 2004, that she began to really look at what options were available for parents when it comes to the food they would soon feed their babies and toddlers.  “When you have kids, you take it more personally,” she says.  She eventually started a mommy club which reached 300 mothers at one time and it was then she knew that her desire to make sure parents and their children were embracing the importance of preparing meals from fresh organic foods was bigger than what she originally imagined.

Disappointed with the baby food choices available as well as seeing a need to help busy parents, especially working moms, find a way to feed their babies healthy and nutritious meals turned a hobby into a thriving business.  Yummy Spoonfuls™ was founded by Achindu with the philosophy that “healthy babies are happy babies.” All products are organic certified, gluten-free, salt-free, sugar-free and also don’t contain any fillers, preservatives or addictives.

Since its humble beginnings, Yummy Spoonfuls™ products have grown to 24 diverse offering in its Creamy Yummy, Mushy Yummy and Crunchy Yummy stages.  Unique flavor combinations include organic lentil with carrot porridge, adzuki beans and sweet potato porridge, organic potato porridge.

With the business taking on a life of its own, Yummy Spoonfuls™ was voted #1 Baby Food for Best Taste and Best Overall by a readers’ panel for Cookie magazine. In addition, Achindu has been featured on CNN and Fox News and quoted in numerous publications. She has also been invited to attend various events with the most recent one being the Economic Empowerment Conference which included Bishop T.D. Jakes and Pastor Paula White. In addition, Yummy Spoonfuls™ received the Ashley Koff Certified (AKA) stamp of distinction which lets consumers know that the products are trustworthy for optimal health and taste good too.

Yummy Spoonfuls™ recently signed a national distribution deal that will allow products to be available in states outside of Georgia where Achindu is based.  Currently, parents can order at selected locations and online.  Products are made fresh and inexpensive costing just $6.00 for a 3-pk.

Educating others about how to prepare healthy meals for their families continues to be at the heart of what Achindu loves to do.   She continues to be a passionate advocate for healthy eating and living, especially for babies, and will challenge manufacturers of baby food to let its consumers know how they really make the food and why consumers should believe that a jar or pouch with a shelf life of two years is healthy for babies.

She continues to give workshops and welcomes invitations to assists other moms, especially teen mothers, build a health foundation from day one that will be embraced, practiced and passed down from generation to generation.

Visit for more information or to place an order.  You can also reach Agatha Achindu at 678.464.3103 to set up a workshop or attend a speaking engagement.

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