Manouschka Guerrier: Bytes of a Single and Fabulous Chef

No matter how many times you may hear it, the truth is that life is too short and no matter what it throws you, it is the comeback that we all love to talk about.  For chef Manouschka Guerrier, owner of Single Serving in Los Angeles, it was taking a heartache and using it as a catalyst for reinventing a career as a chef and teaching others how to prepare great food in single servings with a lot of personality, style and fun.  Through her blog of the same name, readers are entertained with “bytes” or stories of her adventures as a single girl enjoying life through food.

Born and raised in Miami of Haitian descent, being around food and cooking was simply a part of her upbringing. She learned from the best, mother Jacqueline and grandmother Olga, who cooked day and night. “There is no way a Haitian kid grows up without being sat down in the kitchen.”

With cooking as an ace in her back pocket, it was dancing, acting and modeling that would encompass the earlier part of her life.  She studied dance for 18 years and was a background dancer for Ricky Martin at one time and appeared in George Michael’s “Freak” music video, crowned Hawaiian Tropic’s Miss Caribbean American from 1995 – 1997 and won Miss Congeniality at the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant.   She moved to Los Angeles for the Gold Rush as she jokingly notes but really to pursue a career in acting which has yielded limited success but nevertheless where her heart lies.

It was after a bad breakup that Guerrier started to look at cooking not just as a daily activity or for entertaining but as a way to reinvent her life and career.  She shot a pilot that was named Single Serving to teach single people how to cook and after shopping it around and no one paying to pick it up, she started her blog, Single Serving, to originally vent and now to chronicle her adventures and “FAB-U-LE$$” meals that she prepares for herself and others.  The blog eventually caught the attention of someone at the Food Network and soon she was a cast member on “Private Chefs of Beverly Hills” which aired for two seasons in 2009 and 2010.

Since pulling out her ace card and starting a blog, she now teaches classes for singles called Plate Dates which she describes as fun and flirty, has appeared on the Style Network’s “Guiliana & Bill” and recently catered the baby shower for Spice Girl Mel B.

But given all of the success with Single Serving, acting in some form or fashion is still very much a part of her future goals.  Her blog features fun vignettes, Manouschka style, from movies and about life.   Last month, she signed a deal to start developing her dream show which we can look forward to in the near future.  She also put her modeling shoes back on to pose for the cover of Amour Creole magazine.

Here is another cliché that describes the evolution of Guerrier’s success, all things in due time and I would say her time is right about now.

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Photo credits: Diana Zollicoffer and Zak Zwerin

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