Mary's Gone Crackers Thins and Minis

If you get the munchies like we do, you want to keep it light and healthy but feel like you had something of substance.  Move over Wheat Thins, we just found something just as good.  Mary’s Gone Crackers are founder Mary Waldner’s answer to her gluten allergy and need for a healthy snack that is just as nutritious as it is healthy.

Now available as Thins and Minis, the crackers are not just your ordinary crackers.  For starters, the Thins are made with superfood ingredients such as quinoa, sprouted buckwheat, chia seeds, sprouted black bean and mesquite flour.  Nice!  Next, they come in an array of delicious flavors such as garlic & onion, ancient spice, Italian herb and kale. The Minis are available in Graham, Vanilla and Cocoa.

Retailing at just $4.99, you can see where Mary’s Gone Crackers are carried by putting in your zip code here to locate a store nearest you.  You can also order online at where you can see other munchy goodies as well.

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