Super SHRED: The Big Results Diet

Back for another round of health and wellness is Dr. Ian Smith with his book series “SHRED” and “Super SHRED” which are both designed to empower individuals to not only lose the weight in a healthy way but keep it off.

Coining the term “SHREDDERS,” Smith provides essentials tools and information to help readers:

1. Learn how to replace unhealthy meals

2.  Eliminate the confusion when it comes to a dieting that has so many confused

3. Understand how dieting and eating healthy does not have to be expensive

4. Feel energized

All of this in four weeks with more than 50 recipes.

Take it beyond the book and turn your diet into a SHRED Lifestyle with products that include popcorn or SHRED Pop and SHRED Bars. 

To order the book, sign up for the challenge or for more information about being a SHREDDER and coaching, go to or Amazon.


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