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Meet the Woman Shining a Spotlight on Nigerian Cocktail Culture

by  CN Team on December 05, 2017
Meet the Woman Shining a Spotlight on Nigerian Cocktail Culture

Lara Rawa is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. She's a bartender, first and foremost, but also finds time to run her own cocktail consulting company, Eventi Cocktails, as well as founding a cocktail festival in her hometown of Lagos, Nigeria. Last week, she hosted the fourth annual Lagos Cocktail Week, which aims to promote the best of Nigeria's up-and-coming cocktail culture. The six day event kicked off on October 16th and featured bar business seminars, garnish courses, a "bar battle" competition, and a walking bar hop that showcased local ingredients and recipes. Below, Lara shares how Lagos Cocktail Week came about, the current state of Nigerian bar culture, and what's next on her busy agenda.

What was your inspiration for Lagos Cocktail Week?

I have been in the business of making cocktails since 2008 as an entrepreneur running a mobile service company. I knew there was a way to promote the emerging cocktail culture in Nigeria but did not know how to go about it. I attended London Cocktail Week in 2014 as a volunteer and saw the fusion of educating, informing, and entertaining that took place. This inspired me to create the Lagos Cocktail Week in 2014.



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