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The Art of Wedding Cakes - What's in for 2014

by  Chef Dana Herbert on April 01, 2014


Wedding cakes have long been a tradition to symbolize the union of two people in a lifelong relationship of love and prosperity.  Come with me as we see how this romantic tradition has stepped its way through the new millennium.

What’s in for Wedding Cakes for 2014

Wedding White

Perhaps one of the most difficult cakes is the all white or predominantly white cake.  It is difficult because it requires texture and movement to keep it from being a flat canvas, however when done well it is truly stunning.  In the design illustrated below (photo #1), you can see how different textures and shades of white add to the complexity of the cake.  The lace molds by Earlene Moore give it a very nice and dainty flow and the damask stencils by Designer Stencils gives the cake added texture and life.


Metallics have bursted upon the scene and have made a real home in the cake industry.  The cake design below (photo #2) was done by Melissa Payne of Cake Couture who was a competitor on season 3 of TLC's "Next Great Baker."  This three tiered metallic silver wedding cake is adorned with a rich silver damask pattern which is very popular with current wedding trends.  The middle tier boasts a completely edible silver metallic.  One beautiful sugar magnolia graces the top tier giving this cake an elegant feel for a romantic wedding.


When they say diamonds are a girls best friend... they aren't kidding.  If it's one thing I know, brides want the ring and a little bling.  Our eyes love the way the light sparkles in the little facets and shines from a distance.  The bling cakes can come in a variety of forms from edible sugar diamonds to the rhinestone banding shown on the cake below (photo #3).  When you use bling, I often say that there is a limit, meaning less can be more.  Every tier of a wedding cake doesn't have to have the bling.  Let the cake breathe a little. 


Years ago this was the unthinkable.  Cakes were white and that's the way it was.  Modern cakes have taken a life all their own and America is loving it.  Color makes beautiful statements at weddings and it cuts the cake designer loose to have some fun.  However, as any great cake designer knows, just because you are playing with color, you have to make it timeless.

Wedding Stands to Make Your Cake A Star

Stands are probably the most overlooked element when it comes to wedding cakes.  There are all sorts of stands out there.  Many stands started with the classic silver and gold metal stands but today they have morphed into something totally magical.  Think of a stand like a charger to your dinner plate.  Brides spend a good amount of money on the cake and often don't consider the finishing.   Some of my favorites are shown below.

The Pedestal Stand

This stand has made a comeback and giving brides a wonderful take on vintage glam.  These stands have proven to be timeless and brides are flocking to them.  These stands are normally custom made and are designed by Shannon of Norfolk Batter Up Cake Company.

The Chandelier Stand

This new stand is gaining a lot of ground due to the way the crystals are tapered from the center.  It almost makes the cake look as if it is floating on crystals.  This stand is designed by Rebecca Franz of Cake Dress.

The Bling Stand

Fashioned after the rhinestone banding, this stand is a wonderful complement to cakes that have bling bands and or brides that just want a little sparkle in their wedding.  This stand is designed by Kathy Scott of Sweet Expressions Bakery in Abbeville, SC.

The Ultimate Glam Stand

This is by far the Bentley or the Rolls Royce of cake stands on the market today.  It’s designed to display the larger and more grand cakes.  It is adorned with Swarovski crystals with an incredible amount of crystals.  The shadow box adds a wonderful palette to display the wonderful flowers that may be used in your wedding.  There is not another stand like it.  This cake stand is custom designed by Ashley Cook of LBV Designs.

Chef Dana's Cake Flavor Picks for 2014

With so many great combinations for cakes, these are just some of my favorite trending this year.

Wedding Flavors

Vanilla Cake with Bavarian Cream and Mixed Berries
Citrus Cake with Lemon Curd
Decadent Chocolate Cake with White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate Mousse
Amaretto Cake with Toasted Almonds and Salted Caramel Cream

Grooms Cake

Red Velvet with Bacon
Creamsicle with pastry cream and Grand Marnier Buttercream

I would love to hear about your wedding cake plans and suggestions, so feel to leave a comment or question below. Be sure to check out other cake designs and ideas on my website at

Photo credits: Warren Henderson (white cakes and ultimate glam stand), Ken Penn (metallic cake), Dana Herbert (bling and color cake and pedestal, bling and chandelier stands), Petronella Lugemwa (color cake) and Ashley Gerrity (color cake).


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