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Just Breathe: Does Aerating and Decanting Really Make a Difference?

by  CN Team on May 01, 2014
Just Breathe: Does Aerating and Decanting Really Make a Difference?

As wine drinkers, we are taught to let red wine “breathe” before drinking to allow the flavors to come alive.   Aerating your wine triggers oxidation and evaporation which helps to eliminate some of the unwanted wine compounds such as sulfites and sulfides while leaving the more desirable features in the bottle.  This usually entails just removing the cork and letting the bottle sit for about 30 minutes or more before serving.

Decanting on the other hand not only helps aerate the wine but also gets rid of the sediment that may form over time.  To decant, simply set the bottle upright for 24 hours or more, get a clear “vessel” in which to gently pour the wine into being careful to stop when you see the sediment at the neck of the bottle.  After that, you can wait for a few minutes or serve.

With the practice of aerating and decanting, the market is saturating with hundreds of products to get the job done.  There are all fun shapes, sizes and designs.  Does one work better than the other?  Well, you’ll have to be the judge of that. 

We have tried a variety of aerators and one that really stands out from the rest is AERATE, an aerator for wine and spirits.  Now this is a different spin as most aerators are made for wine only.  With AERATE, you can bring out the hidden aromas in bourbons, brandies, rums, gins, tequilas and more.  Even the design will have you talking.  Simply place the steel steam inside your glass and squeeze the one-way pump a few times and watch the flavors come alive.  The Microbubble ™ Tip creates tiny bubbles for faster aeration and instantly softens the tannins leaving a smooth finish.  The excitement begins the moment you see it at work.   To see how it really works, enjoy a sip before using AERATE and then taste the difference after you do.  It will be night and day.  You can continue to use a few more times to tailor the taste to your liking.  This is one of the best aerators we have used in a long time.  AERATE is sold online at and at select stores and worth every penny. 

We have spoken but in the event you still need to look around for other aerators, a simple Google search will render a nice selection or better yet, ask your favorite wine professional next time you go wine tasting.  There is one for everyone, the fun part is discovering which one is for you.


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