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Five Foodie Fathers to Follow on Instagram

by  Ebony F. on June 13, 2017

Some of my fondest food memories are of turning cartwheels in the backyard and looking on as my dad fired up the charcoal grill.  He would light the coals and carefully stir them together until the fire was sufficiently kindled.  The smoky aroma of chicken, steak, and Polish sausage that arose from the chimney of that grill was intoxicating. It never failed to spontaneously summon neighbors and unexpected guests just stopping in to say “hi.”  That’s how we do it in Houston!

This Father’s Day, we salute all dads, from coast to coast, whose culinary skills turn barbeques into cookouts and fish fries into impromptu spades tournaments.  We recognize that by taking the time to cook for your family, you are creating more than just delicious dishes.  You’re making memories and cultivating tastes that will shape our cravings for years to come.  From pit masters to meal prep maestros, these five Instagram foodie fathers will inspire you to save the big piece of chicken for dad this Father’s Day!



1. @pg1914

If it can be barbecued, grilled, smoked, or kabobbed, Prentice has likely mastered it. A loving dad and doting husband, there’s nothing this Phi Beta Sigma loves more than perfecting his skills and his world famous “Pren’s Fried JIVE Turkey.”

(Photo Credit: Instagram/@pg1914)



2. @christopherlmorgan

Many know him as the husband of actress Kim Fields, but Christopher Morgan is a jack of all trades and one of them happens to be cooking.  His Instagram page, sprinkled with the homemade pastries and sweet treats that he occasionally bakes for his family, is sure to summon your sweet tooth.

(Photo Credit: Instagram/@christopherlmorgan)



3. @barjayjay

He’ll answer to “Rosa's husband” or “Bobbi-Larrí's daddy,” but his 1,600+ Instagram followers recognize his delicious culinary creations by his tag, #COOKBlackMan.  Whether it’s his garlic Parmesan wings or his signature loaded baked potato, this chef dad puts in work!

(Photo Credit: Instagram/@barjayjay)



4. @mr_doj06

When it’s hubby’s turn to cook, this dad doesn’t take it lightly.  Just check out the prep work he puts into his seafood broil.  A Morehouse man and member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Mr. Johnson’s personal brand of excellence extends into the kitchen.

(Photo Credit: Instagram/@mr_doj06)




5. @keletso_kayla_kungwane 

Food development strategist and CEO of Kutlwano Food Connoisseurs, this professional caterer does it all.  Need homemade desserts?  He’s got them.  Have a hankering for homemade pasta?  No problem.  But make no mistake, his most important client is his adorable young son.

(Photo Credit: Instagram/@keletso_kayla_kungwane)

Ebony F.

Ebony F.

Ebony is a media consultant and freelance writer from the Tidewater Virginia area.

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