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A Love Just Sweet Enough

by  V. Sheree Williams on May 31, 2010



It was over 30 years ago when Gerald and Glynis Albright first met as 13- year old teenagers in Southern California discovering that their names had the same initials, their birthdays were on the same day and their dogs shared the same name. One would say that it was destiny in the making. Today, he is world renowned R & B/jazz saxophonist and she is a successful entrepreneur and owner of the gourmet company Just Sweet Enough ®.

Like many artists whose careers take them all over the world, the Albrights have had their share of some great culinary experiences and admit that they are not shy about trying different things. From escargot, frog legs to fried alligator, it is all an adventure for them. Island food from St. Lucia and Bermuda are at the top of the list and back in the states Gerald also notes that “you can’t find one bad plate of food in New Orleans.” I suspect there may be a little bias there being that Glynis moved from the “Big Easy” to Los Angeles with her family and continues the tradition of Creole cooking in their home today which is near Denver, Colorado. But good food is good food no matter where you eat it.

Their palates are diverse and they enjoy a lot of seafood, fruits and vegetables making sure to keep their health a priority. Good health as always been a priority and motivator especially after Glynis was diagnosed with a rare from of cancer years ago. But determined to get well using a holistic approach, nutrition would be the foundation to her road of healing.

Tapping back into her childhood days and her love for baking, Glynis decided to create a gourmet food line that would focus on the nutrients needed to combat health challenges. With the support from her family, she began providing samples to her doctors, their other patients and eventually the neighborhood. With a demand in full swing, her company Just Sweet Enough ® was officially launched and has been going strong every since.

The company specializes in low-sugar gourmet cakes, cookies and gift baskets. Perfect for individuals with chronic diseases such as diabetes, Just Sweet Enough ® is just that when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth in a healthy and delicious way. The sweet potato poundcake was featured on the Food Network’s Road Tasted with the Neelys and the Donnie McClurkin’s Poundcake is also a favorite with a healthy dose of vegetables including carrots, broccoli and zucchini.

But it is the Cookie Dots ® that seems to cause all of the commotion as these little balls of cholesterol free, low sugar and salt morsels are extremely addictive. You try one, then go back for another and another. Available in six flavors, if you try one, you have to try them all.

In addition to running the company, Glynis is working on her PhD in Natural Health as well as her first cookbook, Soulful, Sweet and Savory: Deceptive Foods with Flavor. Meanwhile, Gerald is set to release his 14th CD, Pushing the Envelope on June 15. Teaming up with good friends Earl Klugh and George Duke, this project was produced by Gerald who wrote 8 out of the 10 songs featured and is said to be one of his most personal albums yet.

Songs like "I Found The Klugh" and “Boobo’s Groove” both tell a wonderful story of friendship with a free-flowing and funky sound.

For the Albrights, both food and music will continue to play a major part in their lives. And it is through their love for each other that makes their journey just sweet enough.

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