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Wilbert Jones

Wilbert Jones

Wilbert Jones is the president of The Wilbert Jones Company – a food product development and marketing company founded in 1993. He has authored three award winning cookbooks and was the host of the PBS television series, Healthy Heritage Kitchen in 2008. Since 1998, he has been a contributing editor for Prepared Foods Magazine.

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Articles by Wilbert Jones

The trend of repurposing is now far beyond cinder blocks and a perfect way to create your next home dining and entertaining pieces.

Wilbert Jones' holiday cookie exchange in Chicago showcased the sweet talents of the city's top chefs.

You don’t need a large budget to host a gourmet lunch for four thanks to ALDI’s focus on high quality products at affordable prices.

Hosting a book party is the perfect way to enjoy great company, a great book and of course great food.

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