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Calling All Black Food Bloggers

by  V. Sheree Williams on August 31, 2010

calling-bloggersSimilar to finding a central hub for Black chefs, finding an outlet with easy access to Black bloggers is proving to be just as difficult but thanks to Maurice Cherry, founder of The Black Weblog Awards out of Atlanta, we now have at least one direct source for information.

Since 2005, The Black Weblog Awards has played a major role in bringing Black bloggers together and their talents and contributions to the industry. "I really in 2005 decided to do the awards because African-Americans were not getting any sort of recognition or acknowledgement for what they were doing online and there were people I knew who had been around just as long as anyone else."

This year, thousands of nominations came in for blogs representing over 30 categories. And of course there is one category that we are interested in the most; Best Cooking or Food Blog. Blogger and foodie, Sanura Weathers was nominated this year in the category and shared a little information about her blog, My Life Runs On Food. Originally started in October 2009 as a way to learn more about WordPress, Weathers eventually turned the opportunity into a personal voice for healthy living and eating. Inspired by her father who was the creator of many memorable culinary experiences, Weathers delivers her own account of what food means to her and why she simple can't do without it.

Vying for the same category award is The Raw Mocha Angel and The Daily Raw Café which are both about eating foods that are raw and gluten-free. Yes, Divas Can Cook is all about showing today's independent woman that you can run a company wearing a Chanel suit, have freshly manicured hands and still throw down like grandma in the kitchen. And the last finalist, JG * Runs the Kitchen is a fun and lively look at one person's love for cooking that keeps her in the kitchen always trying something new.

Cherry estimates that there are over 100,000 blogs authored by Blacks out there (internationally) but how many of them are about food and wine, that exact number is not known. The event, Blogging While Brown, just took place this past July in Los Angeles to give bloggers of color an opportunity to meet and discuss topics that are directly related to them because the event is by, for and about them. Many bloggers of color have noticed a lack of presence or representation at bigger mainstream events which often leads to their needs as bloggers being overlooked.

As we continued our search for more food blogs by Blacks, we turned to Foodbuzz who is set to launch Project Food Blog on September 20 where thousands of Foodbuzz Featured Publishers will be competing in a series of culinary challenges for a chance to win $10,000. From here, we met Jehan Powell is currently lives in New York and is originally from Guyana, a country on the northern coast of South America. Powell started her food blog, Jehan Can Cook, in January of 2009 to showcase the cuisine of Guyana. Disappointed by the lack of recipes and representation of the cuisine, she set out to truly deliver an authentic look and taste to her followers weekly. Today, blogging is as much a part of her life as the food she talks about.

The winners of the Black Weblog Awards will be announced on Wednesday, September 1 and Cuisine Noir will be sure to follow up to see who takes the title for the Best Cooking and Food Blog category. In the meantime as we prepare to launch our new blog, The Culinary Scoop, we'll continue to do our part to close the gap among Black food bloggers just as we are trying to do with Black chefs. After all, it is just another part of our cultural culinary movement.

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