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Love, Cake and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

by  Luna Raven on March 31, 2010

theme-warren-image With a new shop just opened, one opening soon, a new book coming out and a brand new baby, Warren Brown is a busy man. A graduate of Brown and George Washington Universities, he walked away from a career as a litigation lawyer to follow his dream but says that "the lawyer is still in me."

A lifelong cook who cooks because he loves to eat, in 1999 with the help of a simple chocolate cake, he discovered baking. Not just that he was good at it but that he loved it as well. Before long, Brown was moonlighting by selling cakes to his co-workers.

A year later he decided that he would take the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur. His mission and passion are clear with both the words love and cake coming together in the name of his business: Cake Love. His cakes have drawn people from all over the world to the D.C. area even helping to land him a successful show, Sugar Rush, on the Food Network.

Brown credits his marriage with helping to keep him focused on his mission and is delighted at the wonders of having a new daughter. Though his wife is not involved in the business, it’s still a family affair with his sister creating the companies logos.

For Cake Love, wedding cake trends tend to be basic: individual cakes and tiered cakes. One wedding cake that sticks out in Brown’s mind is a four tiered sponge cake with lemon curd and buttercream, a simple yet elegant combination.

His first book Cake Love showcases what sells at the bakeshops: pound cakes, layer cakes, delicious cake, all from scratch. Brown’s other passion is teaching people that they too can make cakes without the help of a box mix. "I’m hoping our example of baking cakes from scratch at Cake Love inspires people."

Also in the works is a mobile application that will help guide those who wish to bake cakes from scratch and a series of mini videos to help demonstrate the essentials of baking in an easy visual manner.

The new book, United States of Cake, comes out this year in late Spring and took Brown on an interesting journey as he researched the cakes for each state. Some of the highlights include Louisiana Sweet Potato Cake, South Dakota Snap Cake and to his surprise, a really good sheet cake.

He hopes to someday write a book about the entrepreneurial spirit and his experiences of being a part of a supportive community that wants small businesses to succeed. "I think being an entrepreneur is what America is really about. People gotta be resourceful over the next decade….really forever. And you’ve got to be prepared for the highs and lows of constructive feedback."

Currently he’s working on some scone recipes that he would like to showcase, possibly in the next cookbook. His verve and excitement for life and his passion for creating enchanting cakes is evident. Lucky for the world, he followed his dreams!

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Luna Raven

Luna Raven

Chef Seletta “Luna” Raven is the host of Chef Luna’s Kitchen Magic, an exciting new radio show that offers chefs, artisan foods and beverage creators to reach a grander audience. full bio


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