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[Business Daily Africa] Chef Lewis has been heating up the kitchen at the Nyama Mama Restaurant in Yaya Centre with Kenyan-influenced fusion dishes.

Self-taught chef Justice Stewart is on a mission to creatively introduce exotic meat to more people one dish at a time. 

When Aundrea Lacy accidentally doubled the chocolate in her brownie recipe due to dyslexia, she had no idea it would lead to a successful 20-year business.

Retired lawyer James B. Marshall returned to his hometown of Louisville to create the country’s only luxury, fair-trade certified artisan liqueur, Rivulet.

As the executive chef at The Ranch at Live Oak located in the Santa Monica Mountains, Nina Curtis is helping guests reclaim their health through the power of food.

In 1978, the late Dr. Rudy Lombard co-authored the book “Creole Feast" about black chefs in New Orleans.  This fall, the story continues with a new generation of chefs whose stories are just as powerful.

With cacao beans from their family farm in the Dominican Republic, Eric and Crisoire Reid are delivering a single-estate premium chocolate experience with their brand SPAGnVOLA.

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