Vinturi Aerator + Prosperity Teapot to Unwind

With the winter just around the corner, these two CN favorites will help you unwind and enhance your tea, coffee or red wine experience.

Tea Time with Bonjour’s Prosperity Teapot, $24.99

Every tea lover we know has a shelf full of accessories that range from their favorite tea cups, infusers and teapots to go along with their growing collection of teas.  It just comes with the territory.   Now we have one more to add and it is a good one.  Bonjour’s Prospesity Teapot makes tea time a dream with its crafted durable glass that has superior heat retention and a patented shut-off infuser that seals the tea leaves to stop the brewing process.

This teapot concept is similar to that of a French Press coffee maker and comes in three fashionable colors in addition to black.  Brewing up to up to five cups at a time, it is perfect for tea time with family and friends or one’s “me time.”

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator, $29.99 – $59.99

These days we tend to meet more red wine lovers and so when this must-have wine enthusiast accessory came along, we thought ”perfect.”  Vinturi’s line of wine aerators are made with patented aeration technology which means you don’t have to decant your wine prior to serving because Vinturi draws air into it when poured through the tiny holes of the filter screen into the narrow section of the aerator.  A mouthful but it works. As the air meets the liquid, you’ll hear a distinct signature sound aerating the wine instantly.

Vinturi comes with a no-drip stand that rests nicely on your wine bar or kitchen counter so it is available whenever you are ready to pour a glass.  Enjoy the aerator alone or with a carafe set and soon the company will offer personalized aerators as well.  Don’t want to share?  That is not a problem with the Wine Lovers Set that comes with a black and white aerator.

Another good one that is sure to be on every wine lover’s holiday list this year.  Vinturi is available online at as well as Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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