Wines of Chile: Gran Reserva Series

We’ve written about Chilean wines before and once again found two more selections to rave about. The next time you are in need of a little vino, be sure to put Gran Reserva’s sauvignon blanc and carmenere at the top of your shopping list.

With wines originating from viticultural locations that are protected from the threats of global warming, the winemakers specialize in working with specific grapes and regions for a finished product that has a noticeable profile and flavor concentration.

The 2015 Gran Reserva Series Riberas Sauvignon Blanc is hand-harvested during the first two weeks of March before it spends six months in stainless steel tanks after fermentation. Gluten-free with a straw-yellow color, this vintage is intensely aromatic with hints of citrus on the nose.  The long finish complements a pairing with seafood, poultry and even cheese.

Made with just the same amount of care from a single vineyard, the 2014 Gran Reserva Series Riberas Carmenere is also gluten-free with grapes harvested through the month of May. Carmenere is one of our favorite red wines.  We used a decanter to allow it to open up for about 30 minutes prior to serving. The result was a well-balanced wine with notes of chocolate, dark berries and pepper which paired nicely with our barbeque menu for the evening.

Both bottles sell for around $17 and are available in most metropolitan markets nationwide through Excelsior Wines.

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