8 Tips to Keep Fitness Goals Top of Mind While Traveling

I will be the first to admit that one of the hardest things to do when traveling for business or a personal vacation is to stay on top of my fitness routine.  Somehow I give myself a mental pass to, but my body is not too forgiving when I do.

These days, most of us are traveling both longer and further. There is preparation for the trip (working out and eating right), but then we may fall flat once we touchdown, leaving it all behind.

It doesn’t have to be that way, says Diawn Jones, owner of Soza Fitness in Parma, OH, right outside of Cleveland. The Detroit native is all too familiar with maintaining fitness goals while on the road and helps clients stay fit no matter where their travels take them.

“Our tagline is helping you to live, work and play healthy,” says the chemist by trade.  Jones’ personal fitness journey began in 2001 when she set out to lose weight.  From there, she began teaching group fitness classes and hasn’t turned back since.

Pictured: Diawn Jones (Photo: Souza Fitness)

Nowadays with the number of product options fit for a variety of lifestyles, not to mention technology, excuses are pretty much out the door.  The goal is not to take the fun out of getting away, but to be conscious of one’s fitness goals as much as possible.  Just as moderation is the key at home, the same rule applies during your travels if you want to pick up where you left off when you return.

Always incorporating fitness when on the road, Jones shared these eight tips for keeping your fitness goals top of mind no matter where life takes you.

  1. If staying at a hotel, look to stay at one with a fitness center when reviewing the amenities. Among the list of fitness-friendly hotels, Hyatt and EVEN hotels top the list. Your morning routine is just an elevator ride away which is very convenient.   If you are staying at a hotel without a fitness center, try to do a little research or ask the front desk if there is a fitness gym around such as 24 Fitness or Planet Fitness that you can buy a day pass for a couple of days if you have an extended stay.
  2. If you are familiar with the area and want to use your morning walk or jog as a way to see a city, that is an even better reason to lace up the shoes and get those steps in. Always be sure to let someone know when and where you are going and always be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are in a city for the first time.
  3. Looking to meet new people with shared fitness goals on the road? Look up a Meetup group in the city you’re visiting to see what upcoming activities are going on. There are so many walking, hiking and running groups using the platform that finding one may be easier than you think.
  4. Pack light equipment such as resistance bands and light weights. They are easy to carry and help get the job done.  Check out the website Fitness Blender for a full range of online fitness videos for all levels that absolutely free to really make your workout count.
  5. Online training – Talk about accountability, an online trainer is probably one of the best fitness trends yet. Got a computer and your equipment and it will be like you never left home as your trainer is right there to guide you through a session.

When it comes to food which is what really gets many of us in trouble, Jones says, “You’re only going to eat what you have access too.”  Some tips she puts into play to not go overboard include:

  1. If eating out and you know where you are going to go, look at the menu ahead of time online so when you arrive you can order without changing your mind so many times. Also, be sure not to order food when you are starving, otherwise you are likely to overindulge.
  2. If you can, dine out. If you dine in, your eyes are bound to wonder and eye hustle the plates walking by. Order your food to go and enjoy back in the comfort of your room.
  3. The beauty about staying at privately rented locations such as one off of Airbnb is that you can be in control of your food choices vs. what is only available around you. Shop at a local market and don’t skip a beat with your meals, of course dining out at least once or twice because that is what traveling is all about.

As Jones reminds us, one starts losing aerobic capacity after three days so if you think it is hard working out when at home, wait until you have to start all over again.  Hopefully with these tips will help you craft our own travel fitness routine that will allow you to continue seeing the world healthy, fit and strong.

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