Bay Area Artisan Baker Finds His Niche with Sweet and Savory Cheesecakes

Charles Farrier, owner of Crumble & Whisk

Here is a personal fact, cheesecake is my top guilty pleasure and by far my favorite dessert.  So much so that I once entered an office dessert contest with my version of a New York cheesecake with a brownie on the bottom. It was sugar intense, but it was go hard or go home. I went home with accolades and second place.

Along similar lines but with a different twist is artisan cheesecake baker Charles Farrier who founded Crumble & Whisk Patisserie after his cheesecake for an office potluck captured co-workers’ taste buds, leaving them wanting more.  Soon he was receiving requests to buy and then encouragement to take his baking further into an actual business.  Taking heed to that advice, he started his research and opened his doors in 2013.

“I have always had a creativity background, and it wasn’t that hard of a shift,” says Farrier who wanted to be a painter. Now instead of painting on a canvas, he uses the smooth and creamy tops of his highly requested cheesecakes for his creative outlet.

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Like so many of us, the career path we set out to walk on often changes the further along we get.  Farrier’s path is no different.  “As you know in life, you take one day at a time and as opportunities start to present themselves you kind of roll with it,” says Farrier. “As for me, I had no idea at this point that I would be doing cheesecakes. I thought I would be doing something else.  But I love it because I love the freedom and the craftsmanship that we are able to put together.”

Together with his team, they are reinventing the cheesecake game with flavors you would most likely never associate with the dessert. I am mainly referring to his savory offerings such as green tea and avocado, wild mushroom and mascarpone cheese and goat cheese and herb.  A response from a recent Facebook poll suggested tomato and cucumber.  Farrier still needs to think about that.

Beets and Berry by Crumble & Whisk
Pictured: Crumble & Whisk’s Beet and Berry Cheesecake

The mascot of the brand, however, is the beet and berry cheesecake that the company’s website describes as “roasted organic baby beets infused with blueberries and hint of lemon, swirled in, topped with blueberry red wine reduction compote.”  Sold.

Over the years, Crumble & Whisk has built an impressive client following at farmer’s markets and by catering for tech companies and private customers.  The mini and full-size cheesecakes are also sold in San Francisco at Rainbow Grocery and in Oakland at Village Market.  With full-service delivery available, whatever you want and when you want them, Farrier and his team will make sure your cheesecake cravings are taken care of.

Like a true creative, Farrier is always thinking outside the box to keep customers wanting more. Planned extensions of the brand include shortbread cookies with jam or a cookie butter as well as cheesecake breakfast bowls.

Yelp reviews for Crumble & Whisk boast 5-star ratings from satisfied customers, something Farrier must be proud of.  He hopes to partner and continue learning from others as he looks to grow his business and team.  “I am always trying to become a better businessman and figure out if I am doing things the right way.”  I think he is doing just fine because taste buds never lie.

Head over to for menu selections and to place your upcoming order and be sure to follow Farrier and his team on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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