Bringing It To The Table Premieres as the First All-Black Culinary Competition

Bringing It To The Table Premieres as the First All-Black Culinary Competition

This Thanksgiving, six African-American chefs will take viewers on a fun and mouthwatering ride as they compete in a six-week docu-style culinary competition that is the first to feature an all-black cast. “Bringing It To The Table” will make its premiere online as it answers the often head-scratching question that has been asked one too many times,“Where are the Black chefs?”

Filmed throughout the city of Oakland and other parts of the Bay Area, the show’s creator and producer chef Aminah “Mimi” Robinson-Briscoe wanted to create a show that showcased “the art of cooking from an African-American perspective.” The chef of more than 20 years knows first-hand about the stereotypes and culinary limitations that are often unjustly placed upon Black chefs. Skilled in just about every well-known cuisine in the world, the breadth of Black chefs’ talents goes far beyond soul food and barbecue.

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“It feels really, really good to be able to complete the project and give an opportunity for people to see African-American chefs and food entrepreneurs in a way that I think is culturally responsible,” says Robinson-Briscoe who first envisioned the show in 2007. The Berkeley native held tight to her vision over the years only to celebrate the release of season one with planning already in the works for a second season to film and premiere next year.

Aspiring Chefs and Changed the Culinary Culture

If you know Robinson-Briscoe, you’ll know that her love of food and sharing it with others is another driving force behind the project. “I really fell in love with food by enjoying it with different people in the community,” she says. Growing up in the Bay Area exposed the once aspiring chef to different foods and cultures; experiences that would shape her style of cooking throughout her culinary career.

Rolling up their sleeves to show Robinson-Briscoe and fellow judge chef Robert Stewart that they have what it takes to be the first season’s winner are chefs Charlotte Caldwell, Tirzah Love, Lamont Perriman, Rhonda Plummer, Darion Williams and Chancey Yarngo. Viewers will enjoy watching the chefs use their vibrant personalities to navigate through the show’s challenges that include shopping at a liquor store to prepare a healthy meal on a budget while bringing attention to communities known as food deserts. Both the chefs and the variety of dishes that they will bring to the table will be a great representation of diversity within black culture.

With season one just a day away, chefs are already lining up to be a part of season two which Robinson-Briscoe says will focus on the food tech industry. Chefs looking to throw their jackets in the kitchen for a chance to compete on the show should be on the lookout for the next casting call scheduled for February.

Viewers can catch all of the chefs live and in action during a series of food socials planned throughout next year.  Meet the chefs and experience their food as it is prepared in a fun and friendly off-screen rivalry. Robinson-Briscoe is currently planning the next event that will celebrate Black History Month as well as the release of the highly anticipated “Black Panther” movie.

“Bringing It To The Table,” is available now for purchase on Vimeo on Demand.  As you enjoy the series, be sure to catch my brief appearance during one of the episodes.  To view videos from behind the scenes as well as learn more about the cast and upcoming events, visit You can also join the conversation on Thanksgiving day and beyond on Facebook.


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