Ceres Fruit Juices: Orchard-to-Table Natural Goodness

If your days are like mine, they begin early and often leave you on the go for hours. Knowing that the morning is the golden time of day to refuel my body and also set the stage the hours to come, I find myself looking for nutritious, grab and go options that I can take with me.

Smoothies have always been one of those options as I like to create my own that include a mixture of fruits and greens.  Watching the amount sugar and keeping them as natural as possible is important.

When I don’t have time to get the blender going, I found a new alternative that is just as good, Ceres Smoothie to Go packs.  Made in South Africa’s Ceres Valley, the smoothies are just what Mother Nature intended with organic fruit, essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  However, the best part is that there are no fillers, GMOs or added sugars.  The sippable snack is often a lifesaver on many days as I just open the refrigerator, grab one of three flavors and out the house I go.  I especially love them on days when I am traveling.  If you have kids, these are perfect for before, during or after school or for your snack bag for family outings.  I am already thinking of my young nieces and nephews and how this is the perfect snack that is healthy and delicious for their little bodies.

When I have time to sip at my desk, you may find me with a glass of Ceres Juice that is also 100% natural and made with organic fruit.  The “orchard-to-table” freshness also contains tidbits of fruit that add a little texture and is something I love as you can satisfy any sweet cravings in a few sips.  I also love to add a pinch of collagen or energy powder to my glass and give it a good stir.

Available in three flavors: Mango, Tropical and Apple Berry, you can find Ceres Smoothie to Go packs at select Costco stores in Northern California and also on Amazon for those in other states.  Be sure to stop by our nearest World Plus Market for Ceres Organic Juices. Both are also available on Amazon. Got Amazon prime, what are you waiting for?

To learn more about the company and the inspiration behind Ceres Fruit Juices, visit http://www.ceresjuices.com.

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