Foode Chef Joy Crump Big on Community

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Some of the best dishes demand lots of time, but just a few simple ingredients. Take the recipe for Fredericksburg restaurant Foode: equal parts family tradition and classroom assignment, with a dash of Atlanta traffic tossed in.

Since Foode’s 2011 opening, chef Joy Crump has tripled its size. She’s cooked at New York’s esteemed James Beard House; appeared online, in magazines and on TV; and, with business partner Beth Black, opened two other eateries. But as high as she climbs, Crump seems to stay grounded—big on casual hospitality, big on community and, under all that big hair, big on bringing back memories through food.

Born in Pennsylvania, one of six children, Crump was 3 when her parents divorced. With one on one coast and one on the other—at least for a while—the family traveled to be together for special occasions. But plane tickets left little money for fun, so Crump and her siblings found theirs in the kitchen.

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