Francis Ford Coppola's Diamond Collection

Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection 4-pack Pinot Noir

Just the other day I was involved in a debate about drinking wine from a can instead of a bottle and how I feel you can still get the same quality and experience, not to mention convenience.  A friend of mine disagreed.  Quite alright, we agreed to disagree before toasting the start of another weekend.

Our debate began because I shared a couple of cans of Francis Ford Coppola Winery’s Diamond Collection Pinot Noir and Sofia Blanc de Blancs, both in a can.  Over the years, I have enjoyed seeing the industry tailor offerings to consumers interests and needs, making wine less snobbish, more accessible and more convenient.  The movie producer’s namesake winery definitely listened.

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Whether you need to take up less room in a full refrigerator, have a planned picnic or other outdoor adventure planned or in charge of the wine at the next family gathering, Coppola’s Diamond Collection of canned wines will be a welcomed vino addition to the occasion.

Collection portfolio includes:

Diamond Collection Pinot Noir ($24/4 pack) – The most recent addition to Coppola’s canned portfolio, Diamond Collection Pinot Noir features the succulent flavors of strawberry and plum, balanced with a hint of clove and gentle mineral acidity.

Diamond Collection Sauvignon Blanc ($20/4 pack) – The Diamond Collection Sauvignon Blanc is a bright wine with a vibrant intensity and good body enhanced by the natural acidity and crispness.

Diamond Collection Chardonnay ($20/4 pack) – The Diamond Collection Chardonnay exhibits a silky texture, a full mid-palate, and bright purity of flavors, which add to the lasting, complex finish.

Diamond Collection Pinot Grigio ($20/4 pack) – Diamond Collection Pinot Grigio is a naturally acidic, crisp wine made from smaller yields of more concentrated grapes which produce a vibrant, smooth and balanced wine.

Wine: Francis Ford Coppola’s Gift to Daughter

A father of three, Coppola promised his daughter Sofia that he would one day make sparkling wine and name it after her.  He kept that promise offering:

Sofia Blanc de Blancs Mini ($20/4 pack) – The first ever wine in a can, Sofia Blanc de Blancs offers a gorgeous perfume of tropical fruit and white blossoms along with lively flavors of citrus, melon and minerals.

Sofia Brut Rosé Mini ($20/4 pack) – Graceful on the palate with fine effervescence, Brut Rosé Minis sparkle with floral and spiced berry accents laced with tea leaves, a touch of clove, and crisp, refreshing flavors of tart red currants, pomegranate, strawberries, and peaches.

Both the Diamond Collection and Sofia are available online and at retailers nationwide.  To find one near you, click on the site’s store locator.


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