H. Alex Sanchez: Design’s Renaissance Man

H. Alex Sanchez: Design’s Renaissance Man

When it comes the world of fabrics, colors and designs, D.C’s Renaissance Man, H. Alex Sanchez, has a natural eye for creating amazing spaces that bend the rules of expression.  The St. Croix native started his company, Renaissance Design, in 2009 after leaving Corporate America to pursue his passion for design and art.

“I was always into interior design but I always thought it was something everyone was into.  I would rush home from school to look at interior design shows.  I thought all the kids were going to do that. I didn’t think it was anything different, anything special,” says Sanchez who studied engineering and graduated Summa Cum Laude from North Carolina A & T University.

After launching Renaissance Design, Sanchez took on client projects for free to build his portfolio in preparation of auditioning for HGTV’s “Design Star.”  Preparation paid off and he eventually caught the attention of the network and soon found his work on display during season five of the hit show. “Everything happened so quickly. It was just like one day I was thinking about it, the next day I was on the show taping,” he remembers about the competition that taped in New York.  Ultimately the experience built up his confidence and confirmed that his natural talent could rival other designers regardless of his background.

Now as one of D.C.’s most sought after residential designers, he says “Anyone who knows me will tell you that I overthink everything. Everything is meant to put off each other whether to add some softness or add some hardness or give you the illusion of air flowing or energy flowing.  It is all meant to work together to create an environment that is welcoming, clean, contemporary but still feel organic and have some life to it,” he says about his approach to designing client projects.  In the future, Sanchez hopes to touch the commercial side by designing restaurants and lounges which he says will allow him to be a lot more creative and take a lot more risks.

“A lot of stuff I like to have made and design myself,” which is the motivation behind an extension of his company that will include a line of furniture and accessories in the next few years.

To be your own Design Star at home, Sanchez says to walk in each room and decide on how you want to use it and how you want it to feel.  “So every time you go out and walk around and you see pieces that make you feel the same way you want the room to feel, you’ll be able to pick that up and put it into the space.” That brings in your personality and personal style because at the end of the day, Sanchez says, “I should be able to walk into your space and understand that it belongs to you.”

To view Sanchez’s work or to request more information about design services, visit www.renaissancedc.com.

Photo credit: Elton Anderson

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