I’ll Fly Away: One Couple Shares the Joys of Traveling the World Together

I’ll Fly Away: One Couple Shares the Joys of Traveling the World Together

If it is true that a couple that plays together stays together, then what better way to keep the honeymoon going than traveling the world with the person you love?  Dejaun and Sharon Roy are definitely about that life.  Their shared passion for international travel has resulted in a bevy of luxurious travel experiences and priceless memories for the couple, but that’s not all they have in common.  Wanderlust aside, the two are also business partners in Chef and Bride, a hospitality and social media consultancy company.  With Dejaun’s extensive hospitality background as an awar- winning executive chef and Sharon’s reputation as a renowned communications professional, their skillsets have yielded tangible results, driving profits and increasing net revenue for the businesses they consult for.  I recently sat down with couple for a Q&A to learn all about their experiences, travel style and practical tips to help all of us transform our wanderlust into travel realities.

When did you fall in love with traveling?

Dejaun: We both fell in love with travel as children.  Each of our parents taught us to look and see the world differently.  Sharon’s dad was in the military, so she learned to adapt to new environments and cultures as they moved around the country.  She was engaged from a young age on the importance of travel.  My background in hospitality really developed my love and passion for traveling.

What inspires you to travel?

Sharon:  As a couple, we are inspired by the diversity of all the people we meet when we travel.  Experiencing different cultures is what we most enjoy.  Having a taco at a local restaurant in the Rivera Maya, or grilled lobster at LoLo’s in St. Martin, or sharing a platter of roasted lamb at a twenty-seat restaurant in Southern Portugal, these experiences create lifelong memories and help connect us with the rest of the world.

What kind of travel experiences do you seek?

Dejaun: We would call ourselves luxury travelers. We would rather go somewhere exceptional for a short stay, than stay longer at an average place.  We seek out refined local adventures that include a culinary experience.  It is nice to have a comfortable bed with fine linen after a long day of touring.  The Ritz Carlton Hotels do a great job of combining the local aesthetic with a luxury experience.  You can have a tequila tasting in Cancun or even a painting class in St. Thomas.

What is your favorite travel destination?  Why?

Sharon: I don’t know if we have a favorite, we love them all!  There is a memory in every place we have stayed.  It is all about the experiences for us.  We have had some of our most memorable experiences when we stayed at Four Seasons Resorts, whether it is looking for green monkeys in Nevis, tracking out for a day of hiking at Yellowstone National Park, or fine dining in Paris, their locations and service have helped us create great memories.  We did mention we had a thing for fine linen, right?

What advice, handy travel hacks and tips do you have for aspiring travellers?

Dejaun:  Our friends and family ask us this question a lot.  They wonder how we are able to stay at such great locations. It’s about traveling during the off season when you can.  You may have to run from a hurricane in the Caribbean in the summer or a snowstorm in Vail, but the cost of travel is lower. Travel insurance comes in handy for the faint of heart.

To learn more about DeJuan Roy and Sharon LaSure-Roy, visit www.chefandbride.com.  You can also follow their luxury excursions on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Photo credit: Dejaun and Sharon Roy

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