Legacy Wine Opener to the Rescue

To the average wine drinker, opening a bottle of wine like the pros is sometimes a far cry from what your bottle really looks like once the foil and cork are removed.  There is a little foil still wrapped around the bottle and that cork has had its fair share of twists and turns to make it come out.  We’ve all been there, but the good news is that this skill gets better with time as long as you continue to enjoy wine.

You can keep practicing or just give in to one great invention that we got turned onto and absolutely love.  The Legacy wine opener is a keeper for sure having gone through most openers on the market (both manual and electric) aimed at making cork removal a smooth process.

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Truly an accessory for every wine enthusiast, the 2-in-1 opener also features a foil cutter leaving that clean look that you’ve praised a sommelier for. The one-of-a-kind opener uses a low-pressure gas cartridge to remove the cork within seconds. Simply insert the needle through the cork, push the bottle on top and voila, the cork is out.

The Legacy is just $28 and refills of the cartridge are just $11 for two. The case is portable making it an accessory you don’t want to leave the house without when an occasion calls for opening a bottle of wine.

The opener is designed for standard 750ml wine bottles so you’ll have to continue practicing your skills when it comes to Champagne and sparkling wines as well as odd-shaped bottles that are square, rectangular, etc.

To order an opener for yourself and for a friend or family member, go to www.corkpops.com.


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